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Cadillac Gains Presence in Saudi Arabia

The sales of Cadillac models showed strong gains in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East during the first half of the year.


Sales climbed 33 percent compared to the same period of last year, according to Al Jomaih Automotive, the largest General Motors dealer in the Middle East and the only Cadillac distributor in the region.

The company attributed the boost in sales to the growing demand that Cadillac has enjoyed in the Saudi market.

Sales growth for the CTS soared 106 percent and SRX sales reached 41 percent compared to the same period of 2010, said Walid Hariz, Al Jomaih Automotive’s national sales manager.

Cadillac was a solid performer in the United States for months, going head-to-head with Buick, until June when CTS sales plateau, matching sales numbers of last year and Escalade sales dropped slightly. Overall, Cadillac sales in the U.S. fell 7.9 percent.

In Saudi Arabia, Al Jomaih Automotive attributed its sales increase to its own progress with overall sales in its GM line increasing 52 percent, said David Mata, Al Jomaih’s premium brands director in the kingdom.

“This performance is expected to continue in the coming years in the light of the launch of a distinguished group of new categories of luxurious cars with new sports models,” Mata said.

The company is the only dealer in the Middle East that has won GM’s Chairman’s Challenge Award every year since its inception. Al Jomaih Automotive also is the only dealer in Saudi Arabia to be awarded the Gold Level by GM for parts and service excellence.