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Volkswagen Opposes Present Fuel Efficiency Proposal 2011-07-29
Mini Cooper plans 10 models for 2013 with an expected plug-in 2011-07-26
Volkswagen Group Rocks the Record Book 2011-07-15
Cadillac Gains Presence in Saudi Arabia 2011-07-14
Most Claims Dismissed from Toyota's Acceleration Defect 2011-07-12
Chevy Volt Takes on Alaska's Wilderness 2011-07-12
High-End Cars Insured as Farm Vehicles 2011-07-11
Nissan Unveils Solar Charging System 2011-07-11
Mitsubishi’s electric car plugs into the Sun 2011-07-08
National Study Ranks Who Pays Most for Car Repairs 2011-07-07
Mitsubishi i Electric Car Earns High Marks from EPA 2011-07-07
Flying Car Cleared for Highways, Almost 2011-07-07
Mitsubishi to Conduct Child Seat Checks 2011-07-06
Saab, Chinese Partner to Add Three New Models 2011-07-05
IndyCar Series Returns to Fontana in 2012 2011-07-05
Mitsubishi post best sales month in three years 2011-07-01
Volkswagen Jetta has best sales month ever in June 2011-07-01
GM is trying to turn Opel into Gold 2011-06-30
US Supreme Court to decide GPS use in surveillance 2011-06-30
GM to explore advanced natural gas engine technology 2011-06-29
Surprise, VW Micro Bus Garners Macro Bucks 2011-06-28
Rental Car Safety Bill Hearing Today in California 2011-06-28
Bidders Pony Up for Tony Hawk's Custom Ford Mustang 2011-06-26
Nevada Takes Gamble on Driverless Cars 2011-06-25
Go Ringside with the 2011 Lexus IS 350 AWD 2011-06-25