The Hyundai Genesis Drift Coupe in action
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Rhys Millen drifts up the old Hyundai American HQ in the Genesis Coupe

Hyundai Motors recently underwent the process of demolishing their North American headquarters in Fountain Valley, California but while the building was being prepared for demolition – someone broke into the grounds and “stole” the Rhys Millen Racing Hyundai Genesis Coupe drift car and amazingly they caught it all on film.

Ok, so what really happened was, Hyundai Service Technicians Dustin Loranger pitched the idea of having Rhys Millen drift around the grounds of the soon-to-be-gone American HQ in California in a fun little video – showing that Ken Block isn’t the only action sports hero who can put together a fun YouTube video that is bound to go viral.

The video begins with a mysterious man (who is very obviously Rhys Millen) riding in the Rhys Millen Racing –prepped Hyundai Equus. As he passes the old HQ in Fountain Valley, he looks at the Hyundai Genesis Coupe drift car and sneers that “you will be mine…baby”. The video jumps ahead to Millen pulling up to the gates of the Hyundai HQ with an enclosed trailer sporting the Rhys Millen Racing logo (pulled by a new EcoBoost-powered Ford F150). He pulls on a ski mask and a set of Sparco race gloves, getting out of the truck with a set of industrial strength bolt cutters – which he uses to cut through the skimpy lock holding the gates closed.

We are then introduced to a bumbling security guard with chocolate donut-leftovers smeared on his face as Millen sneaks around the Hyundai grounds and this YouTube Barney Fife doesn’t notice Rhys sneaking around until the Genesis Drift Coupe rumbles past the security booth. The next three minutes is chock full of awesome drift shots as Rhys Millen rips through the partially demolished headquarters in the Gen Coupe while the security guard pointlessly tries to catch up to Millen in a security vehicle.

The video ends as Rhys Millen drifts the Genesis Coupe racer right up into the back of his RMR enclosed trailer…flashing forward to Millen hurrying off the grounds with his EcoBoosted F150…stopping just long enough to taunt the camera on the way out.

Ken Block’s “hoonage” videos featuring (most recently) the Ford Fiesta have become internet hits and Hyundai looks to grab some of that drift racing cult following with this new video. The video, which is just shy of 5 minutes long, offers a great look at the driving abilities of Rhys Millen along with a good look (and listen) to the high horsepower Hyundai as it shreds the asphalt in and around the old Hyundai Motor America headquarters in Fountain Valley, California.

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If the security guard had been driving a Suzuki, he would have caught Millen, who probably would have whined about problems with the Genesis.