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Porsche Designs builds a bong

The folks at Porsche Designs certainly offer an intriguing range of merchandise – from clothes and sunglasses to computer hard drives and luggage but their newest offering could be the most unusual as the high performance design studio has introduced a new line of water pipes.


This isn’t a joke – Porsche Design studios recently debuted their new Shisha, more commonly known as a Hookah to the younger folks and a “bong” to our older readers. The Porsche Designs Shisha is constructed from high grade aluminum, stainless steel and glass with the long flexible mouthpiece tube comprised of the same innovative TecFlex materials used on the Porsche Design pens. While it might be shocking to some readers, Hookah lounges have become popular around the world with a special interest in the Middle East so what many Americans will see as a tool of drug use – will more likely end up in the hands of some kid with greasy spiked hair smoking flavored tobacco. Or it will end up in the hands of some babyboomer hippie-turned-executive who wants to smoke their hemp out of the same brand of vehicle as their high priced automobile.

The introduction of the Porsche Designs Shisha does not include a price but the company does explain that the new high performance hookah is only available from their small storefront inside of Harrods department store in London, Knightsbridge. This isn’t the first smoking accessory offered by Porsche Designs as the company offers a range of cigar cutters and pipes that look a great deal like a high tech take on the good ol’ corn cob pipe. Oddly enough, the Porsche Designs international website talks some about these pipes and other smoking accessories with the Porsche Designs online store for the US market makes no mention of any of them.

Click here for a look at all of the Porsche Designs goodies offered on their website.

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Jeff Spicoli (not verified)    July 22, 2011 - 3:57PM

Brilliant. I wonder how Volkswagen got the idea ...