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Honda recalls almost 2.5 million globally for transmission failures

Honda has announced that they will be recalling almost 2.5 million vehicles in markets around the world for a reflash of the automatic transmission control module that could help prevent transmission failure in certain situations, with the bulk of these vehicles being found in the United States.


This new Honda automatic transmission recall affects around 1.5 million vehicles in the United States, 760,000 vehicles in China and 136,000 vehicles in Canada – including select 2005-2010 Accord models powered by a 4-cylinder transmission, 2007-2010 CR-Vs and 2005-2008 Elements. These recalled Honda vehicles are all being called back to dealerships so that the company can update the software that controls the automatic shifting function.

Honda has found that in these recalled vehicles, if the driver shifts quickly between drive, neutral and reverse there could be significant damage done to the internal workings of the automatic transmission. The secondary shaft bearing may not be able to handle the force of the transmission popping from gear to gear quickly and Honda uses the example of shifting quickly to rock a vehicle back and forth – as if you were trying to get out of snow or mud. Should the secondary shaft bearing fail, it could cause the engine to stall along with making it hard to shift the vehicle into other gears. This means that once the car stalls and it will not shift back into park to restart – the driver could be stranded with a car that will not start – or shift into park.

Even though no injuries or accidents have been reported due to this automatic transmission recall, Honda is taking the high road by getting all of these vehicles in the US, Canada and China back to dealerships to reflash the automatic transmission control module. This new software will allow the transmission to alter how it shifts – preventing the harsh abuse that could come from quick shifting from gear to gear. This recall is expected to officially begin on August 31st and all of the work will be done free of charge to the consumer.

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Anonymous (not verified)    August 5, 2011 - 9:19PM

Wow, flashback to the California class-action lawsuit for transmission failures in their 01-03 accords.

What Kind of moronic car company makes essentially the same mistake in the same care for 10 years straight?