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Ford Mustang Sales Remain Strong in Europe Ahead of 2018 Sales Spike

The Ford Mustang is the bestselling sporty car in the USA and with more than 11,000 units sold in Europe through the first ten months of the year, the Motor Company is making another hard run at having the bestselling sporty car in the world.


When Ford Motor Company introduced the S550 Mustang for the 2015 model year, their goal was to create a sporty car that would appeal to buyers around the globe. With that in mind, the introduction of the current Mustang took place on a worldwide level, followed by steadily adding new markets in which the legendary pony car was sold in local dealerships.

This move worked, as the Ford quickly rose to the top of the sporty car sales charts in nearly every market, allowing the Mustang to claim the title of the bestselling sporty car in the world through 2015 and 2016. That trend has continued through 2017, with the Motor Company eyeing another global sales title.

2017 European Mustang Sales
Through the end of October, Ford Motor Company has sold 11,200 examples of the mighty Mustang in Europe. That doesn’t seem like much compared to the America market, where the company has sold more than 67,000 Mustangs, but we have to keep in mind that in Europe, the Mustang is a specialty vehicle.

In many cases, Americans buy a Mustang for their daily driver and to many people, the Mustang is a normal car with a price tag comparable to many of your average daily drivers. In Europe, the Mustang is a specialty vehicle with a much higher price tag and a much smaller market. People buying a Mustang in Germany or France likely look at their car as a unique foreign performance car, similar to how Americans look at the likes of the BMW M3 or the Lexus RC-F.

Like those foreign performance cars sold in the US, the Mustang has a much smaller market in Europe, but sales of the Ford pony car remain strong in the third year of availability.

2018 Could Lead to Stronger Euro Sales
While the Ford Mustang is still among the bestselling sporty cars in Europe with 11,200 units sold through the first ten months of 2017, that number is down a bit from the year before. Mustang sales in the US market are also down a bit and this drop in sales was expected with a refreshed Mustang coming for 2018. As buyers hold off for the new models, current sales slump, but that slump generally leads to a spike in sales when the new models arrive.

The arrival of a refreshed 2018 Ford Mustang will lead to a sales spike in the US and abroad simply because it is the hot new car, but the improvements made for the 2018 model year could appeal more to European buyers – leading to a more significant spike in sales when those units arrive sometime next year.