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Fisker raises the price of the Karma sedan – again

Lots of people (including me) love the Fisker Karma and with a 403 horsepower hybrid drivetrain in a premium luxury sedan it is hard not to love but for those who love it enough to buy one – its going to be a little more expensive than it was the last time you checked.

When production of the Fisker Karma was announced in 2008, Fisker stated that the luxury hybrid sports car would cost around $80,000 but when the official price was announced, the Karma sedan carried a sticker price of $87,900 for the entry level Eco Standard trimline. Unfortunately, before the company began taking orders of the incredible Karma sedan, the price was hiked to $95,900 and now, with deliveries of the luxury sedan in their early days…Fisker has announced that the price is going up once again with a 6% increase raising the introductory price to $102,000 for the entry level Karma Eco Standard. Those who demand the pinnacle of hybrid luxury, the Fisker Karma Eco Chic (that’s the top of the line model) will set new buyers back $116,000. The good news is that those who already made deposits with other prices in mind have time to sure up a payment plan before becoming subject to these increases prices.

If you have never seen the Fisker Karma or any of the other upcoming Fisker products in person, the company has done a masterful job of designing a truly high-end luxury brand based around their highly efficient hybrid drivetrains. Not only does the Karma sedan offer impressive fuel economy levels and luxurious amenities, but the 403 horsepower allows this curvy sedan to perform like a high performance car when the driver is less concerned about saved the world via good fuel economy. The Karma has officially been rated by the US government as achieving 32 miles on all-electric power while reaching a total fuel economy level of 52 MPGe.

Fisker expects to expand its portfolio over the next year, adding the Sunset 2-door convertible (shown in the gallery on the right), the Surf shooting brake and the Nina compact sedan (with the Nina being built in Delaware) – all of which will be powered by a version of Fisker’s hybrid drivetrain system. We can expect that the Karma-based on European-built Surf and Sunset to have hefty price tags similar to the Karma sedan but Fisker plans on making the American-built Nina (the production name could vary) the “Fisker for everyone”, with a price tag more in line with other mid-sized sedans in the American market.

Check out the gallery on the right by clicking any of the thumbnails for a closer look at the Fisker Sunset Convertible Concept!

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