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Another Chevrolet Super Bowl XLV ad surfaces

General Motors is storming back into Super Bowl advertising this year and today we have another preview of a Chevy Super Bowl XLV ad thanks to the folks at Camaro5.


Yesterday, TorqueNews brought you a look at a commercial for the Camaro and Transformers 3 with the help of “BumbleBee” and today, we bring you a look at another humorous Camaro commercial. This commercial takes the approach of two guys discussing how they would make their perfect Camaro commercial. These two Camaro fans poke fun at all of the typical odd shots from car commercials, from racing at excessive speeds through the desert to weaving in and out of mirrors…then the commercial itself transforms into an action flick featuring a variety of gorgeous women and dramatic driving scenes.

Of course, as the two guys discuss their ideal Camaro Super Bowl XLV commercial, there are plenty of shots of the Camaro ripping past the camera – offering a great look and listen at the high performance muscle car. Finally, as the beautiful woman escapes trouble in her silver Camaro SS, she casually strolls into an elementary school where she works as a teacher.

Ok, so on paper (or screen, as the case may be) this commercial sounds a little odd but from all of the Super Bowl XLV commercials we have seen thus far; this one is my favorite. Check out the video below courtesy of and catch this commercial on television during Super Bowl XLV this Sunday.

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