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2020 Chevrolet Camaro Becomes the Least Expensive V8 Muscle Car

Chevrolet fans can now get into the 455 horsepower Camaro LT1 for $34,995, $1,455 less than the 460 horsepower Ford Mustang GT.

The Chevrolet Camaro has not been selling well since the 6th generation was introduced for the 2016 model year. In fact, the modern GM muscle car has posted some of its worst monthly sales totals since it raced back onto the scene in 2009, but Chevy is working to improve those numbers. The first big move was an exterior redesign for 2019, but just about everyone hated the face of the 2019 Camaro and for 2020, the front end has already been refreshed.

More importantly, 2020 brings about a new trimline that offers V8 power at the lowest price point in the segment. By taking the LT1 engine from the Camaro SS and installing it in the near-base 1LT, Chevrolet has created the new LT1 trimline.

So to be clear, the new LT1 trimline shares the name of the LT1 engine, and the LT1 trimline is based on the 1LT trimline, except it has the LT1 engine. It is a bit confusing and a little odd that Chevy decided to use the name of the Camaro SS engine to create a new low-cost V8 trimline, but to enthusiasts, the LT1 name makes perfect sense.

What You Get
The 2020 Camaro LT1 comes with the basic features of the current 1LT, including power-adjusted cloth seats, the Chevrolet infotainment system with six speakers, remote start, power windows, power locks with remote entry, power mirrors, LED headlights, rear view camera and single zone climate control.

In addition to those features of the 1LT package, the new LT1 trimline comes with the Camaro SS vented hood, LT1 fender badges, 20-inch SS-style wheels and a technology package that introduces a premium infotainment and sound system.

Really, the bottom line here is that you can get into a 2020 Camaro with the 455 horsepower LT1 from the SS for just $34,995 - $3,000 less than the 2019 Camaro SS. The person buying this car doesn’t care about the radio, the seats or anything else, they care about getting modern V8 power for the lowest possible price – and that is where the LT1 really delivers.

Competitive Pricing
The 2020 Chevrolet Camaro LT1 with the 6-speed manual transmission has a base MSRP with destination of $34,995. The current (2019) Camaro 1SS starts at $37,995, so getting into a 455 horsepower Chevy muscle car in 2020 will cost $3,000 less than it has for 2019.

More importantly, the 2020 Camaro LT1 is considerably less expensive than the lowest-cost V8 options from Dodge and Ford. The 2019 Challenger R/T with the 375 horsepower, 5.7-liter V8 starts at $35,790 with destination, $795 more than the 455 horsepower LT1. The 460 horsepower Mustang GT starts at $36,450, $1,455 more than the new Camaro trimline.

When speaking with Camaro owners and fans in the past, the price of the 6th generation Camaro was often the biggest knock from critics, so introducing the LT1 trim as the least expensive V8-powered car in the class is a terrific idea. This, combined with the refresh of the 2019 front, will almost certainly help sales, but we will have to see how much it will help. At this point, the Camaro is staring at another third-place finish in the muscle car sales race unless numbers improve dramatically, but these 2020 changes will at least get the car headed in the right direction.