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Camaro SS SEMA Car Front End Could Quickly Come to Production

Unofficial reports indicate that the concept front end on the Chevrolet Camaro SS show that set to debut next week at the SEMA Show could be the new production front end very soon.


Last week we introduced you to the Shock-colored Chevrolet Camaro SS that will debut in the flesh next week at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. In addition to the new exterior color, the key feature of that show car is the concept front end that tweaks the 2019 SS front end to give it a unique look from the production version.

According to a report from GMAuthority, that concept front end is being fast-tracked into production as a sort of emergency refresh of the slow-selling Camaro.

Unloved Front End
Earlier this year, Chevrolet introduced the refreshed 2019 Camaro. The new model year features different front end designs for different trim levels, but as images were released, that new front end met a great deal of negative input from the community. As the first examples of the 2019 models have reached dealerships, that negative input has transitioned into slower-than-expected interest from consumers. Considering the fact that the 2018 Camaro has not been selling well, a drop in interest for the refreshed models would come as a major hit to the automaker, so this unofficial report of an emergency refresh makes sense.

Subtle Change, Big Difference
If you look closely at the two images above showing thee 2019 Camaro SS in Shock, the front fascia design really hasn’t changed at all. The black bar running through the middle has been painted body color and the Chevrolet bowtie badge has been moved from that central bar up into the upper grille, but those two basic changes make a huge difference. Having the body colored bar in the middle breaks up the huge feel of the blacked-out center section, helping to differentiate the upper grille from the huge lower grille.

If nothing else, the relocation of the bowtie badge up into the grille just looks better compared to the location on the bumper and in the long run, those 2019 Camaro SS buyers who like the original look – with the black central bar and the mid-mounted badge – it won’t be hard to have a body shop replicate that design.

Again, this information is not official, but it comes from a proven source of GM information and there is no question that the front end of the SEMA car looks better than the current production design.