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The 2015 Ford Mustang Burnout Control Could Be the Coolest New Feature

While Ford Motor Company introduced the gorgeous new 2015 Mustang GT coupe and convertible around the world last week, there are quite a few details that the company has withheld and it seems that the coolest new feature that we’ve not learned about thus far as a new “Burnout Control System” – a feature which would likely serve as every tire manufacturer’s dream come true.

The 2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302and 2013 Ford Shelby GT500 Mustang were both equipped with a Launch Control system that allowed new racers get off of the line as quickly as possible and I fully expect to see Launch Control available (if not standard) on the 2015 Ford Mustang. Ford wants these cars to be as easy as possible to drive to the fullest extent of their capabilities so I would be shocked to NOT see Launch Control included at least as an option for all of the next generation Mustang models. However, word on the street is that Ford may have come up with another electronic gadget to make pushing the 2015 Mustang to its limits as simple and safe as possible for novice drivers – burnout control.

Now, I should point out that the Burnout Control System in the 2015 Ford Mustang is based strictly on unnamed sources but it seems like a system that could actually make it to a production model. Burnout Control would work in a similar fashion to Launch Control, with the driver’s information display giving the driver step by step instructions to do the perfect smokey burnout. In those 2015 Mustangs equipped with an automatic transmission, Burnout Control could lock the front brakes and instruct the driver to apply throttle and the system would limit the RPM range to the ideal level to effortlessly smoke the rear tires while not over-revving the engine. In those Mustangs with a manual transmission, the brakes would lock for the driver and instruct him or her to depress both the clutch and throttle before telling the driver to let off of the clutch – and a massive burnout would ensue. This system could also use the tire pressure monitoring system to recognize when the burnout is good enough to heat up the tires and the system could tell the driver to tap the brakes to release them so that the car would begin to move forward. Essentially, all of these theories have been at work for years in the racing world with items like line lock and a two step racing computer that controls engine RPMs during the different phases of the drag racing action. All of the components exist – it is just a matter of Ford integrating them all together in a system that leaves as little room for error as possible.

This would allow the driver to execute a perfect burnout before making a pass down the quarter mile in their 2015 Ford Mustang and with those tires being clean, hot and sticky – it would also allow the driver to make the most of the Launch Control system. Provided that these systems do all end up in the 2015 Mustang GT or perhaps the powerful EcoBoost Mustang, we are far more likely to see novice drivers turning out more impressive times at the track and making a sports car easier to drive is likely to help improve sales as inexperienced drivers are more likely to buy these cars with the available nanny features.

This new system would also allow 2015 Ford Mustang owners to do amazing burnouts at events like the Woodward Dream Cruise and – let’s be honest – everyone in the automotive industry loves to watch a huge, smokey burnout.

Do it Ford! Make Burnout Control a reality!

Source: Motor Authority

This story about the 2015 Ford Mustang Burnout Control is updated on May 18, 2018.