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Tesla Can Overtake Toyota in Germany Threatening The Japanese Brand

Should Tesla record more sales than Toyota in Germany in 2022, it would have achieved something that seemed unlikely.


There are more and more electric car models on the market. Generalist manufacturers are beginning to move towards this type of propulsion; however, they are still far from the great leader of the category. Everyone is aware of the hegemony of Elon Musk's Tesla, which continues to achieve important things. A clear example of this is that Tesla could outsell Toyota in key markets such as Germany.

At first glance, the scenario of Tesla overtaking Toyota in Germany seems unlikely. The point is that Tesla has among its objectives to double its sales in the European country. If Tesla succeeds, it would see Toyota in the mirror, something that would be incredible due to the inconveniences for the full operation of its Giga Berlin Gigafactory in Germany. But let's start putting numbers on this issue so that everything is clearer, suggests Hiram Benitzes in Hiramnoriega.

The previous year, Tesla registered the sale of 40,000 electric vehicles in Germany, so the goal would be to reach the 80,000 barrier by 2022. Between the months of January to August, the company sold a total of 25,000 electric cars in Germany. At this point, it seems little to us, but several factors must also be considered. For example, the company's new factory Giga Berlin celebrated its inauguration in March, meaning almost an entire quarter was lost. But today Torque News learned that Giga Berlin just achieved its new milestone of 2,000 electric car production per week.

Tesla has reason to be optimistic about beating Toyota car sales in Germany, a manufacturer with a strong presence. For example, reports indicate that sales of the American brand increased 40% in the nation during the eighth month of the year. With this, it managed to increase its market share to 2.7%. In addition, a local administrator of the company indicated to a German media that Tesla still maintains the goal of selling 80,000 cars before the end of 2022.

The Case of Tesla in Germany

Before the Tesla Gigafactory project took shape in Germany, there were signs of rejection by certain sectors. It became a controversial topic that, of course, generated discomfort and nervousness among premium car manufacturers. They were not wrong when they predicted that the installation of a plant in their territory would boost the brand in the market. The Tesla Model Y is listed as the best-selling car among private buyers.

In addition, the company made strategic moves that we had not seen in its sales model. The most surprising was the construction of a special building in the industrial area of ​​Neu-Ulm, which bears a strong resemblance to that of a dealership. The brand plans to set up similar facilities in the near future to encourage in-person sales.

On the other hand, Tesla's Gigafactory in the outskirts of Berlin begins to operate with greater force. The brand revealed that they are accelerating the pace of production, so there is confidence that they will be able to meet their short, medium and long-term goals. The plant on German soil, along with the other Tesla Gigafactory in Texas, are playing an important role in reaching the ambitious production and sales goal of 2023. Tesla plans to sell up to 2 million cars in that period.

In previous days, Elon Musk talked about his projects with two of the companies that take up almost all of his time: SpaceX and Tesla. When it was time to focus attention on the electric car manufacturer, Musk warned about the massive opening of Gigafactories around the world by 2030. According to his forecasts, the key number would be to reach the production of up to 20 million electric cars by end of the decade.

Interesting facts about Tesla's Gigafactory 4

Time will tell if Tesla is capable of outselling Toyota in Germany in 2022, notes Alley Benitez in the above mentioned source. Although there are electric models from other companies that are having a solid response in Europe and the United States, it is still obvious that Tesla is several steps ahead in electric mobility.

Do you think Tesla will manage to overtake Toyota in sales within Germany during 2022? Will it stay on the brink of the finish line? Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing.

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