Hyundai Evolve: The New Way To Buy Hyundai Cars Through Amazon Just Like Tesla
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Hyundai Evolve: The New Way To Buy Hyundai Cars Through Amazon Just Like Tesla

Hyundai and Amazon Ads are once again enhancing the car buying experience with new features launching in Hyundai's Evolve showroom at Amazon. With this new tool, customers can practically buy the car of their choice from the comfort of their home, just like you buy a Tesla online.

Hyundai and Amazon are ready to team up and hope to make car buying even easier. Last Thursday, both companies announced a new partnership that will create the Hyundai Evolve digital showroom.

What is Hyundai Evolve?

Hyundai Evolve will be the place where you can see a new Hyundai vehicle, estimate the vehicle's sale price, and search for inventory matches in real time. Additionally, the Amazon-based showroom will channel customers to local dealerships to complete a sale.

"Our mission is to be the leader in a seamless, digital and transparent retail experience in partnership with our dealer body," said José Muñoz, president and CEO, Hyundai Motor North America. "The events of the last 18 months have made it clear that many consumers want a car buying process that aligns with how they purchase nearly everything else in their life. Amazon is a leading retailer and we're excited to continue collaborating with them on digital retail experiences."

Hyundai's Amazon-based Evolve showroom is a simpler and more comfortable shopping experience.

This type of an online Hyundai buying experience on Amazon is not entirely new. Hyundai launched a basic experience on Amazon in 2018, but Hyundai Evolve takes it further to help digitize the car buying experience.

Hopefully, it will be so simple that you will most likely only have to sign the papers at the dealership and everything else will be a breeze. Hyundai said the current restrictions showed that people want flexibility when it comes to purchasing any item. In fact, remember how Tesla implemented the touchless deliveries during the pick of the restrictions. Cars are no different, hence the creation of this smoother process through Hyundai Evolve.

A Growing Platform

Numerous automakers began to dive deeper into online car sales and digitize the process further. In fact, home delivery is a more common process, born out of the current restrictions. These types of online retail partnerships may not become commonplace overnight, but with every announcement, it certainly seems like they are not going away. Tesla's success in selling its electric vehicles online has inspired other legacy carmakers to follow the bath and ramp-up their online sales efforts. Hopefully Hyundai Evolve will streamline Hyundai sales, hope somehow contribute solving its Palisade problem.

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