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This Drone Could Charge Tesla Model 3 on The Go

Imagine a flying tanker, a drone that can charge your Tesla Model 3 or Model S while you drive your car.


One of the biggest problems of an electric vehicle is uncertainty regarding the range, which in turn, causes what is known as "range anxiety." Drivers of electric cars are often not sure when their car will need to be recharged. Even if they know, they don't know if they can find an EV charger in the location where they need to charge their EV. Naturally, this increases the level of anxiety and negatively affects the desire to go on a long journey on an electric car.

EV range anxiety can now remain in the past with this new and very interesting project by Darko Malkovich, created for Tesla.

According to a popular Russian website called Fine Idea the project calls for Tesla drones which can charge your Model 3 and Model S EVs directly on the move. The point and the goal of the project is very simple, but the implementation needs a lot of planning and work.

According to Malkovich, who has prepared this prototype picture, to make this idea work you simply need to point the cursor of the drone on the vehicle. The drones can be based at the recharging stands and fly when they receive a "call" from a car that needs to be recharged.

"The idea is actually very good, but little is known about the details of this concept," writes Nika Schoultz of Fine Idea. Therefore, whether this concept will be taken on by Tesla or not is unknown.

Do you think future EVs can be recharged by drones on the go?

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Image Source: Fine Idea