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Elon Musk In UK for Gigafactory Talks, Tesmanian Reports

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Traveling to UK for a new Gigafactory location


According to a popular Tesla news site Tesmanian, Tesla CEO Elon Musk today landed in UK to visit sites for a new Gigafactory in UK. Apparently Musk's private plane landed in UK this afternoon.

If this is true, Torque News thinks Musk will also visit the Giga Berlin site for an official groundbreaking, as Today Tesla laid the first concrete building the foundation of its first European Gigafactory.

"On Wednesday, at 12:19 pm local time (7:19 am ET), Musk's private jet landed at Luton Airport. At the moment, the purpose of this visit is not exactly known, but in the light of recent events, this is possible in order to consider the sites for the future location of Tesla in the country," reports Tesmanian.

Earlier Torque News had reported that Property Week (leading news magazine in the commercial and residential property market) said that the UK's Department for International Trade (DIT) is seeking a four million square foot site to accommodate an electric vehicle (EV) research, development and manufacturing plant for Elon Musk’s car brand.

News of the development comes just months after Tesla was forced to halt construction of a proposed 741-acre Berlin Gigafactory after a German courts raised concerns about the impact on wildlife of clearing 227 acres of forest to create the facility.

Do you think Musk will also visit Giga Berlin after his trip to UK?

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