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Should GM have had the Saturn SKY moved to Chevrolet with a different name?


Last year GM took a decision to discontinue Saturn brand. Yet, Saturn SKY was a great looking convertible car. I read a very interesting opinion in Facebook. Tracy Smith commented in General Motors' fan page saying "these Sky's were so cool GM should have moved this car over to Chevrolet and renamed it. Could have used this car as a tool to help people step up to a Corvette." What do you think? Should GM have renamed the Saturn Sky and introduced it into the Chevrolet line?

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In fact, Saturn Vue was turned into Chevrolet Captiva sports car to be sold in USA. So the idea of rebranding instead of closing a car brand is a very interesting one.

No. I disagree. I think the current decision about Saturn SKY is the best under given conditions.

Hope this car will still go on production! This is one of the famous convertible brands that GM has ever produce it has a bit of resemblance to the pontiac solstice. They should put this car on the market with saturn performance parts.

I think they should have!!! As an owner of two Sky's and I have had 2 Vette's in the past, they are both awesome cars! The Sky handles very much like the Vette but rides the Sky rides better. I personally would rather have my Sky over a Vette. I think they really missed the boat by not keeping this beautiful car on the market but I am sure part of the decision came with the new Camero coming out. I made sure I traded my 08 in and got an 09 so I had the latest model I could. I plan on keeping my Sky.