The rear corner of the SEMA Ford mystery car
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The back end of the mystery car coming to 2011 SEMA Show


This shot of the mystery car coming to 2011 SEMA Show looks a great deal like the quarter panel ends of the 1964-1966 Mustang minus the end caps.

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I drive a '66 Fastback, that was taken to pieces in 2008 & rebuilt for another 500,000 miles of joy.

What a great car.

Other than the usual Cowl leaking that comes in through the Wipers, I drove this car without any problems, for 30,000 miles, before some idiot rear ended me on the freeway & then pushed me into the car in front of me.
Even though the car is a Unibody & did not have the 5 MPH bumpers, the only thing that you need to do to upgrade these cars for safety is to install a Fuel Cell.
The gas tanks explode, I am told on all year Mustangs, if the tank ruptures & there is a spark.

Hopefully this issue has been addressed by Ford.

The Rebuild of my Pony Car is up on:, w/a nice vid of the 65 Shelby's winning over the TDF Ferrari's at Laguna Seca.

I also made a film on Highway 1, California, using this car & a 67 GT500 as my Road Cars.

A joy to drive