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Tesla Model Y To Feed Demand in Canada First

New laws in place, specifically in Quebec, offer consumers up to an $8,000 incentive to own an EV. The Tesla Model Y is set to begin production in the coming weeks. Will deliveries go to Canada first?

The Model Y is set to start production in the coming weeks. Canada offering incentives to own EVs. The demand is definitely climbing. At this time, Tesla is propped up to produce up to 1,000 Model Ys per week. Would this be enough to cover the demand globally?

Why Canada For The 1st Model Y Deliveries

Tesla would like to start making deliveries of their new Model Ys as soon as possible. Canada might be first on the list for Elon thanks to these new incentives. The fact that countries are willing to offer incentives to own EVs says that the governments are trying to make pushes for a cleaner environment. While alternative fuels struggle to come out on top, EVs are the most practical applications.

Tesla has positioned itself as the name brand of EV. The Model 3 is the most popular all-battery car on the market and there is no reason why the Model Y wouldn’t fill a new gap in the crossover market.

Americans love crossovers, and that’s exactly what the Model Y is. It’s basically a Subaru Crosstrek except way more luxurious, quadruple the price, double the performance, and oh yeah, no gasoline.

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The base model Y starts off right over $66,000 for a rear wheel drive version. The AWD Long Range version will come in between $70,000 and $75,000. This is a pretty penny to pay. Wouldn't you rather have a Model X for this kind of money? It’s definitely open to discussion.

As they begin to deliver Model Ys during 2020, we will really begin to see where the demand lies. Do people want to fork out this much cash for an EV? We don’t know the longevity of the platform just yet. Even the Model S is still pretty brand new. I think this is why the Model 3 has been so successful, it offers a competitive price tag with all of the features of the EV that you’re wanting.

Normally, when Tesla launches a new platform, deliveries begin in the US, their domestic market. But because of these new incentives Canadian drivers have a reason to own an EV and Tesla wants to deliver the Model Y to Canada first.

The stock price is down, as the market opens. The Tesla earnings are two days away. This is an exciting time for Tesla.

Alex Belauste reports Tesla cars and stories at Torque News. He has worked with the automotive industry for the last 18 years and has since grown very fond to the community. Alex has owned 16 different cars and writes automotive news based on research, his personal expertise and experience. Belauste has studied business at Oklahoma State University and has since started his entry into the professional automotive world. Follow Alex on Twitter at @Belauste and on Instagram. Search Torque News Tesla for more daily Tesla coverage from our expert reporters.


DeanMcManis (not verified)    January 28, 2020 - 4:35PM

I saw your listed Model Y prices and I immediately went to Tesla's website to see that the prices were $48K, 52K, and $61K respectively, but then of course your pricing was in Canadian currency. But when you suggested alternatively getting a Model X, I checked again and they are $80K for the entry model, so I figure that you are comparing the new Model Y to a used Model X (which is totally valid) and you can find a nice 75D AWD Model X for around $55K which doesn't have the range of the Model Y, but it's quicker for the same price and certainly more roomy. the Model Y has better batteries, is lighter and more nimble, and brand new with a full warranty.