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First Bronco Off-Roadeo School Opens Just As Ford Bronco Production Begins

Bronco Off-Roadeo school near Austin, Texas, is set to open June 28. Initial registration is open only to Bronco Sport Badlands and First Edition owners, as well as order-holders of the all-new Bronco two- and four-door SUV. Three more Bronco Off-Roadeo parks set to open around the country later this year.

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Very few vehicles have been as frustratingly and agonizingly anticipated as the two-door and four-door Ford Bronco. The iconic off-road vehicle from Ford is beginning production, slowly, despite supply chain issues related mostly to the hard top. But, according to a memo sent out to order holders, the all-new Bronco 2-door and Bronco 4-door is on-track for summer deliveries and Michigan Assembly Plant is just weeks away from starting volume production.

We know that more than 125,000 reservations have been converted into orders. And many of those will not get them as 2021 model years and will likely not take delivery until later fall as a 2022 model year.

Those are the facts of manufacturing during a pandemic, including a computer chip shortage too.

That being said, production is soon to begin for First Edition Broncos and that’s music those owners’ ears for sure. Further good news is that Ford is set to open on June 28 a first-of-its-kind Bronco Off-Roadeo experience center in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, near Austin. Bronco and Bronco Sport owners and order-holders can receive complimentary instruction on how to take their SUV off-road.

See the video highlighting the Bronco Off-Roadeo below.

“Bronco is more than a vehicle, it’s an outdoor brand, and the Bronco Off-Roadeo will help bring it to life,” said Lindsey Laporte, Bronco experiences manager. “It’s an immersive experience, and Bronco owners will come away with a greater level of off-road skills and a more thorough understanding of Bronco capability, all while being introduced to the Bronco Nation community.”

Each Bronco Off-Roadeo experience will put Bronco brand drivers to the test across 50 miles of curated trails over a day and a half, while teaching them about the capabilities and performance of their all-new two- and four-door Bronco SUV and Bronco Sport Badlands and First Edition SUV. Three more Off-Roadeo adventure parks are due to open later this year in Mt. Potosi, Nevada; Moab, Utah; and the Northeast United States.

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Ford Bronco Off-RoadeoGuided Off-Roadeo Adventure
Each location features off-road courses expertly designed and curated with the assistance of legendary names in off-roading, such as Professional Fun-Haver Vaughn Gittin Jr., King of the Hammers champion Loren Healy and renowned off-road experiential manager Bob Burns. The four locations are designed to challenge attendees with hardcore desert running, rock crawling and trail riding.

Horseshoe Bay features stunning sunsets and rugged ranches where wild broncos run free. Bronco 4x4 enthusiasts will feel right at home behind the wheel learning to navigate the private trails, steep hills and craggy ledges of central Texas.

Geared for off-road novices and experts alike, the program starts with a 90-minute hands-on tutorial designed to educate owners on features such as Trail Control and Terrain Management System with G.O.A.T. Modes (goes over any type of terrain). On properly equipped Bronco two- and four-door models, owners get to try out available off-road technology tools like the FordPass Performance app with off-road navigation, stabilizer bar-disconnect, One-Pedal Drive, Trail Turn Assist, front and rear differential lockers, and 360-degree camera system with spotter view.

Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo

Tutorials are led by trail guides who will highlight design and technology features, helping Bronco owners learn to better navigate off-road courses and explore rugged trails. The experience covers trail etiquette and recovery techniques, including how to equip and use gear like recovery straps, winches and hi-lift jacks. Owners can venture out on two- or four-hour trail drives designed to challenge their off-roading skills while highlighting their vehicle’s capability.

Through specially curated adventure extensions, Bronco owners can purchase added outdoor activities, such as half-day kayak, fly-fishing, whitewater rafting or mountain biking excursions. Days end around a campfire, where attendees can share their experiences while building the Bronco community among new friends.

“The Bronco Off-Roadeo doesn’t begin and end with off-roading,” said Laporte. “Trail riding is at the heart of each adventure, but visitors can complement their trail drive with other outdoor activities. And they’ll learn about the importance of treading lightly and treating the trails and nature responsibly.”

Ford Bronco Off-RoadeoWho Can Participate In The Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo?
Initial registration is only open to owners and order holders of a Bronco two-door, Bronco four-door or Bronco Sport Badlands vehicle. Order holders awaiting the arrival of their Bronco two- or four-door SUV can get behind the wheel of a Bronco before taking delivery their vehicle and will also receive a $250 voucher to use toward gear from the Bronco Off-Roadeo, or to apply to the cost of bringing a guest with them or toward optional adventure experiences.

Those customers can leave their vehicles at home when they visit a Bronco Off-Roadeo location, instead driving a model provided that’s similar to their own.

Attendees are responsible for transportation to and from the experience, as well as overnight accommodations. Friends and family members can join for a fee, as can other non-Bronco owners. Each Bronco Off-Roadeo location offers stay-and-play packages with area hotels or resorts, such as Horseshoe Bay Resort, a premier, lakeside golf resort near the Texas venue. At this award-winning facility, families can enjoy watercraft rentals, dining at seven on-property outlets, three championship golf courses, two resort-style pools, and daily resort activations. Details on the other three locations will be made available closer to each park’s opening later this summer and early fall.

For more details about the Bronco Off-Roadeo experience visit their website here. And to reserve a spot at the Bronco Off-Roadeo location in Horseshoe Bay, click here.

Any Bronco order holders planning to go to this school? Leave me your comment below if you are or tell me your build and any communication you’ve gotten from Ford regarding it.

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Patricia Albright (not verified)    June 2, 2021 - 9:23AM

I’m definitely planning to attend. I ordered a 4dr badlands in area 51 with the Sasquatch & lux package with the 2.7 & MIC top for now. It’s going to be a long wait, but it’ll be worth it! Is it correct that you get an email invite to the Bronco Off Rodeo in TX once you have a vin #?

Nathan Burnett (not verified)    June 2, 2021 - 11:00AM

I reserved & ordered on the first possible day,respectively. Race Red 2 dr Wildtrak. Only correspondence I’ve received about is is the same that everyone with a confirmed order has gotten.

SC (not verified)    June 5, 2021 - 1:40AM

Only FORD could say it’s “complimentary” and then charge you $235 admin fee and deposit. $35 admin they keep. $200 they return AFTER you take delivery of your Bronco (read Q1 2022). Amazing how they get a free pass from the captive automotive press and free publicity when it’s just smoke and mirrors; like the rest of this Bronco roll out.