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A 675-Horsepower Ford F-150 Supertruck

Michigan Truck Manufacturer Supercharges Limited Edition Series of F-150 Trucks, Adding More Power for Enthusiasts Searching for the Ultimate 4x4. Mil-Spec Automotive now offers two variants of high-performance F-150s. The push for more power in pickups shows with custom supertruck builds plus next-generation Raptor and upcoming Ram Rebel TRX.


I’ve written a lot about specially modified F-150s from various companies and even this sweet throwback F-150 from a Cincinnati-based Ford dealership.

And there’s no set standard on which engine is better, as evidenced by my heated debate about the 7.3-liter Godzilla engine versus the 5.2-liter Predator engine that will likely power the next-generation Raptor.

So when I was provided information from Mil-Spec Automotive about a new limited-edition F-150 truck that would have 675-horsepower, I was interested to learn more and to write about it. Mil-Spec Automotive is a Michigan-based custom truck manufacturer known originally for their modifications and restorations of H1 trucks.

Now, Mil-Spec adds even more performance with a new supercharged package. The company’s Intrepid Performance Package is part of the company’s growing line of high-performance supertrucks.

Designed as the company’s most powerful truck to date, the new supercharged Mil-Spec Automotive Intrepid F-150 features a mighty 675-horsepower upgrade to the 5.0L V8 engine designed to tackle anything on or off the road, all while making a one of a kind impression anywhere it goes.

“While the first-generation Raptor featured a stout V8 power plant and became the Baja truck of choice for almost a decade, the second-generation truck didn’t really adequately address performance for some hard-core enthusiasts,” comments Mil-Spec Automotive Co-Founder Adam Mitchell. “Mil-Spec Automotive recognized that a subset of performance-focused owners wanted more power, and our new Intrepid Performance Package offers significantly upgraded speed and torque across the board. The new Intrepid F-150 gives drivers a unique, limited series with an aesthetic anyone that has a passion for great trucks will enjoy.”

Earlier this year, Mil-Spec Automotive introduced its F-150 packages with the 5.0 V8 and FX4 off-road package good for 500 horsepower. I wrote about it back in April, here’s the link to that story. The company’s new supercharged F-150 can produce an incredible 675-horsepower alongside a powerful 620 ft.-lbs. of torque. As part of the high-performance package, Mil-Spec Automotive imbues the 5.0 V8 engine with a new throttle body, intake, and cat-back exhaust integrated with a special 93-octane tune.

Ford Mil-Spec F-150 supertruckEngine upgrades to the Ford F-150
The new Mil-Spec Automotive Intrepid F-150 truck also features a host of other engine upgrades including upgraded fuel rails, 47 lbs./hour fuel injectors, and an air to liquid intercooler located within the lower intake manifold. Each aspect of the Mil-Spec Automotive Intrepid Package does not affect the vehicle’s warranty.

Ford Mil-Spec F-150 supertruckUnique look of the Mil-Spec Intrepid F-150
The Mil-Spec Automotive engineering team gave this Intrepid-equipped truck aggressive styling, specially crafted to appeal to passionate truck owners looking for an alpha pre-runner. Each Mil-Spec Automotive Intrepid F-150 is engineered with special Baja fenders that are a full seven inches wider than a 2020 Raptor. The F-150’s fenders are available in four special colors made to match the original factory color palette. Designed with performance paired with a stealth-like aesthetic, the Intrepid's front and rear design are integrated with signature LED lighting, special Baja bumpers, and Mil-Spec badging.

Ford Mil-Spec F-150 supertruckOff-road ruggedness of customized F-150
For customers looking to further customize their Intrepid-equipped truck, Mil-Spec Automotive offers other upgrades such as a low-profile roof rack mated to a bed chase rack that holds a spare tire. The end result is a Mil-Spec Automotive truck designed to tackle just about anything on or off the road, despite the level of extreme.

Mil-Spec’s Baja Performance Suspension package integrates a super-premium Baja Suspension with Fox Racing shocks to allow for up to 12 inches of overall travel courtesy of new control arms/half shafts. This impressive package creates an easy, adjustable ride that is customized to fit each customer's driving preferences. Mil-Spec Automotive further upgraded the supercharged F-150 by integrating new rear shock mounts to maximize rear shock travel while retaining the vehicle's excellent towing capabilities.

Ford Mil-Spec F-150 supertruck interiorInterior comforts found in Intrepid F-150

The interior of each Mil-Spec Automotive Intrepid F-150 receives all new upgraded leather upholstery, super-premium billet controls/badging, and a special steering wheel to maximize the truck's performance through magnesium paddle shifters. Now available as a limited-edition series, the 675-hp supercharged Mil-Spec Automotive F-150 features the finest performance intersected with a tactical design that is all its own.

I’ve written a lot about custom truck builds and yes, each one is pricey. But you walk away with a nearly one-of-a-kind F-150 and in this case, a rugged, off-road truck that has 675 horsepower. Even the current-generation Raptor can’t match that. But perhaps the future Raptor will, and we already know the upcoming Ram Rebel TRX with the Hellcat engine will go over 700 horses. So all of this upcoming power and performance should really drive the interest for a company like Mil-Spec.

More information on the Mil-Spec Automotive Ford F-150s can be found at

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