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A 725-horsepower 2019 Ford F-150 for $39,995?

Reminiscent of the SVT Ford Lightning, automotive dealers are finding creative ways to add power and performance to today's Ford F-150. Doing so can add a lot of expense to an already expensive truck. But that's not always the case as one performance-oriented dealer is offering a 2019 Ford F-150 for under $40,000 that will have 725 horses under the hood.

One of the big criticisms of today’s modern trucks is that they are too expensive and the average consumer can’t afford them. One Cincinnati, Ohio-based dealer is listening to those complaints and offering an incredible deal on a 2019 Ford F-150. The fact that this pickup truck will also get a supercharger added to it to take the horsepower to 725 is just a bonus. At Beechmont Ford in suburban Cincinnati, they’ve created a supercharged F-150 program that is inspired by the SVT Lightning.

Charlie Watson who is Marketing Manager for the Mark Williams Auto Group said about this program: “We have built everything from our signature 2WD, regular cab, ‘725 horsepower F-150 for $39,995’ to fully loaded crew cab Platinum F-150's with lift or lowering kits, E85 fuel systems, long tube headers and much more. We start with the truck,” he said. “Our performance team will dive into making sure we spec out the perfect truck to fit the customer’s needs. From there, it's a blank canvas. Our philosophy is simple: ‘You Imagine. We Build.’”

What do you get for $39,995?
Watson said this isn’t some bait and switch scam or click bait to get you onto their lot.

“While we wanted to offer an amazing deal on this package, we didn't bolt this supercharger onto your average work truck (we will if you want us to though),” Watson said. “This is a 2019 Ford F-150 XL Sport. It has color matched bumpers, 17-inch wheels, fog lamps, SYNC Bluetooth technology and more!”

Beechmont Ford is well known for their performance team where they can add more power and performance to any vehicle. Watson said this F-150 special might be their best one yet.
“We figured this would be a pretty awesome canvas for some custom builds. In addition to the truck, you get your choice of a Whipple or ROUSH Performance Supercharger!”
Of course, Watson said, if you want something more or something different they can customize it even further.

What if you want more power?
“The sky is the limit,” Watson said. “We've said this a million times but if you can imagine it, we can and will build it.”

If you want four-wheel drive or a crew cab instead, that can be done, he said.

“We can start with any F-150 and completely customize it in any way that you'd like. We offer custom wheels, street/off-road tires, paint, wraps, suspension, superchargers and anything else that you could possibly want to do,” Watson said. “Through our current partners, we have over 65,000 performance parts at our disposal.

I recently wrote about some truly unique custom builds they’ve done offering both a retro-fit and a Gulf Livery Heritage edition. It seems that Beechmont Ford takes pride in doing custom work, which is necessary in the ultra-competitive truck-buying segment.

725 hp Ford F-150 truck engineHow does truck modification affect the warranty?
Whipple offers an optional power train warranty than can be purchased directly from them. ROUSH Performance includes their warranty at no additional charge. While both kits have their advantages, ROUSH is far superior in the warranty coverage department according to Watson. The standard manufacturer warranty is in place as well and this modification does not impact that. More details on this truck can be found here.

Here's a video highlighting the Roush and Whipple options available for this truck.

See you in my next story discussing what we should expect from Ford in 2020 and what are the top highlights including the return of the Ford Bronco, Mustang Mach-E and possibly an electric F-150 truck.

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Bobby Joe Hobbs (not verified)    January 10, 2020 - 6:44PM

Do you have any of these trucks already built in different combinations or are they all special order