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Gulf Livery Ford Performance Racing Heritage in a Ford F-150 Pickup Truck

As seen in Ford vs. Ferrari the Gulf Livery color scheme is synonymous with racing and Ford Performance and now is showcased as a special Ford Heritage F-150.


Racing enthusiasts likely know about the legend of the Gulf Livery Racing. It was highlighted in the popular movie Ford vs. Ferrari which has grossed almost $100 million. This movie, starring Christian Bale as famous British professional race car driver Ken Miles and Matt Damon as a young Carroll Shelby, features the Ford GT decked out in powder blue and orange trim racing at LeMans.

Gulf Livery Racing Heritage Is Part of Motorsports History
The garish coloring was made famous by the Gulf Livery Racing and featured the colors of the Gulf Oil Company (powder blue with Marigold accents). These bold colors symbolize speed and racing heritage. It’s arguably the most recognizable paint scheme in motorsports history.

But beyond the legendary Ford GT40 where it got its fame, it’s also graced the exterior of the Porsche 917 as well. Ford featured the blue and marigold color scheme for a limited run Heritage Edition on the 2006 Ford GT. 2006 marked the 40th Anniversary of Ford’s four-year winning streak at LeMans.

Gulf Livery Heritage F-150 Celebrates Ford Racing Heritage
Now, Beechmont Ford, a Ford dealership in Cincinnati, Ohio is building a special Ford F-150 that pays homage to the Gulf Livery. The BFP Heritage F-150 celebrates two different things, according to Beechmont Ford Marketing Manager Charlie Watson. “First, and most obvious, is the Gulf Livery inspired color scheme. This color scheme has been synonymous with Ford’s success in racing since the 1960s. It just looks amazing,” Watson said.

Gulf Livery Ford Performance special F-150 pickupg truck

Die-hard enthusiasts might notice a couple of differences between the BFP Heritage F-150 and traditional Gulf Livery designs. “Our colors are little more bold than the originals,” Watson said. “Also we’ve put the number 25 on it to honor our 25th anniversary in business for Beechmont Ford.”

The BFP Heritage F-150 is a great truck to celebrate Ford history and to celebrate this dealership’s 25th year in business.

In addition to the Gulf Livery inspired wrap, the Performance-oriented F-150 has several unique aspects including KMC 22-inch wheels with upgraded AT tires. There’s a Roush performance exhaust that sounds absolutely nasty, as evidenced in this video. The truck is lowered as well with a Belltech Lowering Kit. The STX Sport inspired grille gives the truck an aggressive look.

Plus, according to Watson the truck can be outfitted with optional powertrains like a Roush Performance Power Pack Level 1, which adds 18 hp and 26 lb.-ft. of torque over stock output or a Roush Performance Supercharger with 650 horsepower. There’s even a way to load it with a Whipple Supercharger and yield 725 horsepower. Now that’s a truck that’s ready for LeMans!

“We are no stranger to vehicle customization. We have developed several promotions that have went viral, including our BFP Retro F-150, 775 HP Mustang for $42,995 and our 725 horsepower F-150 for $39,995,” Watson said. “We are a Ford dealership filled with people that genuinely love cars. That's what pushes us to create these enthusiast-focused builds.”

Be sure to check out my story on the aforementioned Retro F-150 by Beechmont Ford that shows how cool a 2020 Ford F-150 can look in a retro wrap.

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