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Toyota 4Runner Mailbag: Your 4Runner Questions Answered

I answer questions ranging from 2022 4Runner availability to features to suspension.


Toyota 4Runner seems to be very popular these days.

This is one of the most challenging vehicles to get based on short supplies and heavy buyer demand.

Since the 2022 4Runner seems to be a major focus with readers, I thought I would answer some of the emails and comments I get from people interested in this Toyota mainstay.

Let the questions fly.

Q: What Toyota 4Runner trims are the smoothest on the road?

There is technically an answer here, but the real answer is that ride comfort is all relative to how you feel driving it and riding in it.

Some people will not notice any difference being in a 4Runner SR5 vs Limited vs TRD Pro. For some, the ride quality is very similar.

However, I like the X-REAS suspension system found in 4Runner Limited. This will also be standard in the new 2022 Toyota 4Runner TRD Sport.

X-REAS (Cross-Linked Relative Absorber System) smooths out the bumps and rough spots you may find on the road. Technically it reduces pitch and yaw (bouncing and side-to-side movements caused by bumps and uneven road).

You may also like KDSS (Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System) found as an optional upgrade on 4Runner TRD Off-Road and Off-Road Premium. This provides the best of both worlds. Utilizing this hydraulics system allows for a smooth and stable ride on the highway but provides more freedom to conquer uneven paths off the road.

Q: When will we be able to start ordering 2022 4Runner?

Incoming 2022 4Runner SUVs should be shipped to dealerships starting mid-September. Shipments will come in slowly and increase into October and following months.

It is possible to begin placing orders for your ideal Toyota 4Runner now. This depends, though, on whether your dealership of choice is taking pre-orders for the 2022 yet. You may need to search around.

Remember, shipping dates and the time frame for getting your vehicle are very vague and unstable currently.

Especially for 4Runner TRD Pro.

Q: What colors are offered for 2022 4Runner TRD Pro?

The 2022 4Runner TRD Pro is available in Super White, Magnetic Gray Metallic, Midnight Black Metallic and Lime Rush. Lime Rush is the exclusive TRD Pro color for 4Runner in 2022.

Q: Can I get Lunar Rock on a 2022 4Runner? What about Army Green?

The answer is yes. You can get both Lunar Rock and Army Green on other trim levels this year.

RECOMMENDED: My video shows every 4Runner paint color for every 2022 4Runner trim level. I hope this helps.

Both of these popular paint colors were very difficult to get due to ridiculous customer demand and smaller 4Runner TRD Pro production levels the past two years.

Q: When will 4Runner supply loosen up?

This is a question I cannot answer. Truth is that very few people know. The ongoing automotive vehicle shortage is industry-wide and is affecting pretty much all brands.

Some of the reasons for incredibly low inventory are COVID-related shutdowns, lack of computer chips used in building vehicle features and systems, and other supply chain and logistical challenges.

VIDEO YOU MAY ENJOY: I answer more of your Toyota 4Runner Questions

My recommendation is to work with a dealership you trust to find the vehicle you want, whether it be Toyota 4Runner or another model.

The good news is this is your opportunity to get the exact vehicle you are looking for, with the options you want, and perhaps the color you want as well.

Yes, it may take some time, but you should end up with the ideal 4Runner in the process.

Time for your Toyota 4Runner comments

Thanks for reading everyone.

Are you in the market for a Toyota 4Runner, either new or pre-owned? How is your search going or how did it go?

See you next story when I discuss the 2022 RAV4 release date.

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