2019 Chevrolet Bolt
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2019 Chevy Bolt Hasn’t Been Selling Very Well, and It Isn’t The Car’s Fault

After Volt is gone, GM and the government have huge incentives available for 2019 Chevrolet Bolt. You might pay $30,000 for a $44,000 Premier version of Battery Electric Chevy Bolt.

If you are looking for a BEV at a good price now is the time to consider a new Chevy Bolt with up to $7,000 USD in cash and rebates. The slow selling Bolt is also eligible for government incentives up to $3750 up until Oct 2019.

Bolt’s top line model for which these incentives are eligible, has a MSRP $43,735. So this means you might pay $30,000 for a $44,000 car. There are other incentives for less loaded trim levels.

Why Bolt Hasn't Been Selling Well

Bolt hasn’t been selling very well, and it isn’t the car’s fault, it’s more about Washington and GM politics, dealer network structure, lack of interest, and/or it isn't a Tesla. Q1 saw 4,316 units v. 22,425 Model 3s. Yes, I know, it isn’t a Tesla, but it’s still a great versatile zippy little commuter car with decent range. Chevrolet plans to add an even more versatile larger CUV based on its platform next year.

Bolt has issues, but unlike Volt, she’s here to stay and be relevant. And now she’s looking for a home and love, to make you love her and electric cars. And why not? She’s a little electric cutey pie! Strike that hot iron now!

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GM has a Bolt EV commercial. I saw it on the TV at the Chevy dealership when I had my winter tires removed. They don't even have to produce one. Just air it!
I’m ready to have a heart attack. An actual Bolt commercial. I’ll bet a monthly Torque News salary it’ll never air on network TV.
It's not GM's fault? So whose idea was it for them to only put in a 50kw charger? Whose decision was it to not contribute to the car charging infrastructure? Who designed the cramp crappy seats? Are you telling me they wouldn't prefer to sell ICE vehicles and don't care if their dealers try and talk you out of buying a Bolt?
Well said! Exactly what I was thinking. I'd only add no Bolt advertising efforts to your list. Sadly, GM isn't the only car company bending over backwards to sell just enough EVs to meet emissions requirements.
I agree with everything you said, but I love my Bolt. Ordering a seat cushion this weekend.
If you’re directing that at me, I never said its not GM’s fault, I said it’s not the car’s fault, in fact I agree with you. Don’t blame the car, cmon, its a cheap little piece of sh.... I mean Chevrolet what do you expect? Seriously, it does need some refinement, some of that nice Cruise automation, better seats, quality control, etc. But in the end its GM and you can’t blame the car for that.
It’s ugly. That’s why it isn’t selling. If it had sharper and more premium looks it would sell better. Also gas is cheap right now.
I didn't buy a Bolt EV to enter it into a beauty pageant. I bought it because it meets my needs.
The 2019 Chevrolet Bolt needs a mid-cycle refresh with adaptive cruise, seats that are more supportive and are air-conditioned as well and faster charging. Make it compete with the Kona a little better.
Amen. A long range model would be nice too.
As great as the car is, the Bolt EV is still something of a niche vehicle style. It's an excellent transition EV for anyone who isn't convinced by Tesla's futuristic vision, but there are definitely a few things that GM could emulate or improve that would make the Bolt more compelling.
I believe model 3 is better vehicle compared to bolt. Along with superchsrgers the tesla is the better vehicle. If all Chevy dealers would install level 3 and 2 chargers outside the Bolt may have more sales
Really? It's not even in the same ballpark of vehicles. That's like comparing apples to dog feces.
Totally GM's fault. That's a former owner of a Chevy volt I took a look at the bolt... Bought the Niro EV. Simply no comparison between cult and Niro Like most GM auto products it just misses the mark. Too much cheap plastic to econo looking with a complete lack of styling. -neither function nor form. The best GM could do is scrap this and start over it just isn't ready for the developed world. I think GM should take a cue from Ford and exit the auto market entirely -stick to trucks and the Corvette. So sad.
You want to charge Tesla price but sell me a standard Civic? I mean the interior is basic and no automatic seat or self driving. For the price there are better options. Tesla has the market for 40k car not this ugly inferior car.
I can get a Tesla for 29grand? No? That's what I paid for my Bolt. I it was the same as a Tesla, I'd own a Tesla.
What dealer wants to sell a car that needs only 1/2 the repairs of a regular car? GM has no interest in the platform. Meanwhile Toyota offers up to 5 different unique versions of the Prius in 3 sizes! GM hates electric cars and is therefore, doomed....
Without bragging or complaining, I've been a full time retail car and commercial truck salesman and sales department manager since 1986 the is a great car. My company car is a 2017 Bolt. The truck dealership I manage saves $500 every month. The dealer principal offered to reimburse me if my home electric bill increased, it didn't. My wife's 6 cylinder car went through $27,800 in gasoline alone over 90,000 miles we traded it in for a 2019 Bolt. He who doesn't know and knows he does know, he is a student, teach him. He who doesn't know and doesn't know he doesn't know he is a fool, shun him. He knows and doesn't know he knows, he's asleep, wake him. He who knows and knows he knows, he's a leader, follow him. The Bolt is: - Small on the outside & big on the inside - 5.3 second zero to 60 MPH low center of gravity point and click fun to drive. - Looks great in metallic black. Non-fools are welcome to call me at 815-405-1070.
thanks John
It because the seats are horrid, and the infotainment system is I'll concieved. I love everything else about my bolt, but my seats seems to be designed by some who has never seen humans sitting. In inexcusable.
Recaro seats retro fit.
I'll give them a look. But the fact is, I shouldn't need an aftermarket fix .
Dead correct. But at these car prices they’re almost like being a house you matter as well invest and make yourself feel at home in your car. But I hear you. .
Have Bolt EV 2017 Premiere and absolutely love this car!!! I have been spoiled rotten by this car. It has everything I want and need in a car and then some. Granted Adaptive Cruise might be a very, very nice addition. The only other thing I would want would be a cash drawer like I have on my 2007 Camry Hybrid. It makes going thru the drivethru and the parking lot exits a whole lot more convenient. Pull open the drawer on the left side, grab your change, pay the person or meter and GO. The other thing I would really, really want would be superfast DC chargers all along the highway that charge in 20 min or less. That way I could take my Bolt everywhere!!!
The Chevy Volt is flat out ugly. That's why it's not selling. GM has purposefully made it ugly, to not jeopardize it's gas line up.
most of people who complain about Bolt EV might never own one. i just bought 2019 bolt which is 14K cheaper than Tesla 3 with the same range.. and LOVE IT.. very affordable and reliable car.