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Is It Worth to Buy a Toyota Tundra With Around 200k Miles?

A lot of people contemplate whether to buy a new truck or a used truck. As a Toyota Tundra enthusiast, I always find myself on the fence debating if I would buy a used Tundra over a new one- let alone one close to hitting the 200k mark. Before you roll out the dough, there are some very obvious factors to take into consideration.


Here are some direct replies I received from online Tundra groups, All Out Tundras and TundraCrew, after asking what one may look at before buying a used Tundra pushing $200k miles.

David K. started up the conversation and brought up some great things to ask before buying a used Tundra. He stated that, “Price is an important piece of the puzzle. Along with sub model, engine, year, ect… And is it one owner, well maintained, or a bunch of owners and abused? Lots of unanswered questions here… I paid 23k for my 2011 TRD with 140k. One owner, perfect condition.”

Jeremy Howard had a bit of a different perspective. "Personally, I prefer to have a low-mileage used vehicle unless I can pay the vehicle off and have no payments. Odds are the longer you use something the more likely it is to break regardless of its reputation, every machine is different."

So, is a used Tundra really worth it?

I continued in several ongoing discussions with other used Tundra owners who explained their appreciation for buying a used Tundra.

"I bought a 2011 cm Tundra, so the 5.7 4x4 with 275k miles. For $5,500. Damn good deal, nothing wrong with it at all. Just a dent from someone that back up into him. One owner. Drives great."

"Depending on price and condition, heck yeah. my friend bought one with 250k no troubles. I just bought one that was near perfect condition with 160k... Best truck I've ever driven"

"I just bought a 2007 with 100,000 miles. I went to a couple of Toyota Dealerships and talked with the folks who worked there (including Mechanics). They said these trucks will last 700.000 miles if you maintain them properly. I hope that's true!"

"Yes. I bought my 1st gen with 140,000 on it. It breezed all the way to 320,000 before I traded it in for my 14' 1794 cm."

"My '01 had 243,000 miles on it, and I replaced it with a 2012 with 171,000. My '12 literally looks new inside. It was a one owner and a local vehicle. I was able to verify all the service records with the dealership it was serviced at so was happy getting a 2012 DC for $14,500."

"If it was well maintained yes, especially the 4.7 million mile motors. "

"Biggest thing is where do you live and where did it come from? A 200k truck here is in a junkyard, a 200k Arizona truck can be driven for the next 100 years still."

Toby Harvey's opinion happened to stand out the most to me. He bought his used Tundra with "180k a few months ago. Super clean. All of my Toyotas have near or over 200k so I had no issue buying another, plus it was the cheapest 5.7 around me and seemed like a good deal... I could've gotten a new truck, but I didn't want to be in debt. I paid cash for this and am more than happy, and it has more creature comforts than most of my other trucks and more power so no reason to pay 3 times [as much] for the same (new) truck in my opinion."

I can write a long list of why I believe that a used Tundra with around 200k miles would be a fantastic investment; however, I have never owned a used Tundra so my argument is hardly credible. I do believe it would be a great purchase simply because they are overall an amazing pickup-truck (see, but the most compelling assertions come from real owners. Thank you All Out Tundras and TundraCrew for your input. Special thanks to Toby Harvey for letting me use your image.

What do you guys think? Would you purchase a used Tundra with a hefty amount of miles?


Randy (not verified)    September 2, 2017 - 11:59PM

I would just make sure that it's abuse wasn't more than normal. Check and double check leaks and fluids and really listen to the shift and engine. It looks nice! Driven hard doesn't mean abused, driven light doesn't mean taken care of. My first Toyota was well used and over 350k before I sold it after blowing the transmission and I ABUSED

Randy (not verified)    September 3, 2017 - 11:36AM

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Cars aren't made to go 35 mph stop sign to sign through the entirety of it life. That's how you replace an engine or a fuel system under 200k. That doesn't mean you should be red lining everyday either. Drive it hard occasionally, complete vehicle services, and make sure your mods are acceptable! Example: If your exhaust outlets are too big, you damage piston rings lose oil burn oil... Listen to your vehicle, know your vehicle, and take care of your vehicle and it will last!

James Morgan (not verified)    May 16, 2018 - 1:36AM

In reply to by Randy (not verified)

I just bought a 2006 tundra crew cab 2 wheel drive a couple weeks ago with 235k and was wondering how often does the timing chain need to be replaced. It drives new unbelievably but have no info on the history of it. How and what should I look for considering I hear that it’s the major problem with high mileage 4.7 v8’s.

Rusty (not verified)    June 22, 2019 - 9:52AM

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Just changed a original Toyota timing belt with 180k on it. It looked great, Toyota recommended 100k.
I would change it on your truck or at least inspect it.

David (not verified)    July 2, 2019 - 4:21AM

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Do you have the vehicles owners manual? That should tell you. Also, have a carfax report done on your truck, this showed me what maintenance was performed. Goodluck.

Rob (not verified)    September 27, 2019 - 11:02AM

In reply to by James Morgan (not verified)

I’ve owed 3 Toyota’s with 4.7s in them and one with 5.7 now. I got over 330k miles on all of them. Your 06 has a timing belt. It should be changed every 100k miles. Plus while they are chasing the belt I would suggest putting a new water pump it at the same time. It’s no more extra work while your doing the timing belt. FYI. All of the 4.7 that I had are still being driven by my Dad and my children. I couldn’t tell you how many miles are on them now. But I know they still have had no major issues yet either.

H2O MAN (not verified)    September 3, 2017 - 12:24PM

I recently purchased an '07 RCSB with the 5.7L and 270K for less than $5K.

Great truck that was used as a truck, I will replace a couple of wear & tear items - then drive it till the wheels fall off.

H2O MAN (not verified)    October 3, 2023 - 5:01PM

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My 2007 now has 314,000 miles, two major repairs: I replaced the fuel pump and the drive shaft plus the rear transmission seal. Everything else has been factory recommended maintenance and replacing wear and tear items. This former farm truck has evolved into a very nice sport truck for the street.

John Howton (not verified)    September 4, 2017 - 9:00AM

Just remembered: A timing belt/ water pmp will add $1200 to price if not done ( each 100k mi )
But yeah miles not a problem
02 Tundra Limited. 123,000 mi

Tsai (not verified)    September 4, 2017 - 9:14AM

I have a 2007 SR5 TRD DBL Cab with 93,000 miles on it. I'm the original owner and have done all maintenance at the dealership. I'm planning to get no less than 500k. There is a fella on YouTube who get 1 million miles out of his. Same model as mine!

Greg (not verified)    September 4, 2017 - 10:28AM

Bought my 2010 Crewmax TRD with 195 and with 250 on it now it's been the regular maintenance and it will last...I drilled out the air box and removed the carbon filter screen and installed k&n to help improve mileage ...very happy with truck gets 20 highway and who cares city

Will Tyler (not verified)    July 15, 2019 - 4:36PM

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I had the timing chain guide noise... go back to the Toyota filter and use thinner oil. I was using a K&N oil filter and super thick full synthetic fluid. I noticed the noise and my mechanic said the K&N is to much filtration and the oil was to thick and putting stress on the timing chain guide piston. It runs off oil pressure... sure enough I did what he said and it worked

Barry (not verified)    November 3, 2017 - 7:07PM

I am considering a 2011 Tundra Crewmax with 225K miles. He is asking $17K and I am considering it at $13K cash. We are negotiating. Waiting for maintenance records for final decision. Thoughts on value of car this old and value if he has actually done the maint he claims?

Christine Kirk (not verified)    February 28, 2018 - 5:44PM

We bought our 09 tundra 5.7 with 261k miles for 5700. It runs and looks like its right off the lot . unbelievable how clean and how smooth it is. You got to remember that as soon as you drive a new vehicle off the lot , its no longer a new vehicle and devaluates pretty hardcore. Its good to stay away from making payments if you can .no point in making payments for years and then trading in.a never ending car payment is not the route id prefer to go.

David Gonzalez (not verified)    April 19, 2018 - 10:39PM

Purchased a 2008 TRD 4x4 new. Got 166000 miles, all I've done is replaced an alternater & regular maintenance, It runs great ! It's a keeper .

Tony Albertoni (not verified)    June 10, 2018 - 11:25AM

I bought a 2005 4.7L 4WD Doublecab Tundra with no oil leaks and 147,000 miles to take to a vacation home with me. Since I am the original mechanical dummy, I took it to a mechanic, who did $1360 worth of replacements (front brakes, timing belt, water pump, tire pressure sensor and all fluids), and he said that this excellent truck should be around for another 150,000 miles for sure. That was what I wanted to hear!

Steve S (not verified)    October 11, 2018 - 11:38PM

In reply to by Tony Albertoni (not verified)

2010 DC 5.7 4x4 118,000 miles, alternator seized brought to shop $1000, before taking it home at the shop tranny blew only had forward gears. Shop denies any foul play of course. $3500 rebuild tranny! Never had any trouble prior to these events. Truck was just a commuter vehicle, but my faith in this truck and Toyota is shaken.

H2O MAN (not verified)    October 12, 2018 - 11:48AM

280K on my 2WD 5.7 and I've noticed a small transmission fluid leak where the drive shaft connects to the rear of the transmission. Evidently, there is a bad well on the original drive shaft that has a negative effect on the rear transmission seal. It's going to be about $700 for the repair. Other than that, this truck rolls on.

Lee (not verified)    April 5, 2019 - 10:20AM

My 2009 tundra as 232k absolutely perfect I bought it with 215k I run a 10-bay shop fix all kinds of cars these are the absolutely best vehicles on the road if you do what I do for a living long enough you just buy Toyotas and it's a TRD with the tow package that's why I bought it it'll pull 10 1/2 thousand pounds all day

mark edgar (not verified)    May 5, 2019 - 11:53PM

im new to the whole rv thing weve been looking at fifth wheelers approx.7000 pounds will my 2008 sr5 tundra with the 5.7 do ok pulling what they call ultra light and 1/2 ton trailers... pleeeeeese help the more i read on web about it the more confused i get

Robert Picton (not verified)    May 18, 2019 - 10:12AM

In reply to by mark edgar (not verified)

The tundra would have been called a 3/4 ton in the past....the motor, transmission etc are all very strong both in reliability and in pulling ability and the brakes and suspension are up to the job.
You are well within your legal limits and you will find that the truck handles your trailer very well - plenty of power and stopping ability and the chassis is up to the job. Mine has 200k on it and towed for probably 1/3 of its miles and little to no maintenance issues. (changed the water pump and radiator as they were seeping and a wheel bearing got noisy)

Sam S (not verified)    July 29, 2019 - 8:39PM

I've wanted to get a tundra for a while but i haven't seen any that were in my price range until now. One recently showed up on craigslist for 8k with 224000 miles on it, not sure what size engine. Any suggestions on what to look for or what to ask the seller on it would be appreciated. I should add that the price includes a matching topper.