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Global MX-5 Cup Competes at Indy Tonight

If you want to see some racing hot Mazda Miatas at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway, aka the Brickyard, without shelling out a lot of cash for the Indy 500 or the yearly NASCAR event, the global MX-5 Cup is tonight.

In case you live close enough to Indianapolis that you can get there this weekend, or can book a last-minute flight, the Global MX-5 Cup will be racing at Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS), sponsored by BF Goodrich tires. The races take place on Friday, June 16 and Saturday, June 18.

MX-5 Cup

The Cup is a spec Miata series, one that even offers turnkey racecars. Almost 30 (28 to be exact) drivers will take to the track in their Miatas.

The race is being held on the road course, not the oval, although the road course does use part of the fabled oval. The road course is a 14-turn, 2.43-mile track that winds its way across the grounds.

First Visit to IMS

This is the first visit to IMS for the Global MX-5 Cup, which is in its 12th season.

The 28 drivers come from 15 different states and two different countries. Cup racers are competing for a $200,000 scholarship prize for the series champion.

“Racing at the Speedway is something that every driver dreams of, no matter what their discipline is,” said David Cook, Manager, Mazda Motorsports Business Development, according to Racer. “We are fortunate to have this opportunity to add the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to the list of great tracks that Global MX-5 Cup competes on. With this track layout likely to encourage passing and so many closely matched cars, it should be some outstanding racing for our series that prides itself on parity.”

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