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Worldwide VW sales continue their strong growth in October

Volkswagen continues to put its diesel emissions tampering farther back in the rearview as the automaker reported its strongest October ever.


With the settlement of much of the Dieselgate brouhaha, Volkswagen has been able to most assuredly put its emissions cheating into the rearview and drive on to new sales heights. In fact, October was the automaker’s most successful sales month ever. Sales for October 2017 were up 7.7 over 2016. And, deliveries so far this year are up a 3.2 percent, compared to January-October 2016.

Worldwide delivered hit 550,900 vehicles

For October, Volkswagen delivered 550,900 vehicles worldwide, making it the most successful October on VW’s books. In total, Volkswagen sold 5.04 million cars to its customers from January to October.

Jurgen Stackmann, Volkswagen Brand Board Member for Sales, said that the month was “the most successful October of all time for Volkswagen.” Stackmann said the automaker received a special leg up from the market in China, where there was an increase of some 26,000 vehicles, compared to the same month last year.”

Also, the VW board member said, the automaker had seen “positive momentum in many regions, and we are delighted with the continued strong demand for our vehicles.”

Looking at specific markets, Volkswagen reported 131,300 vehicle deliveries in Europe. The European market remained stable, although there was strong growth in Italy, which saw the successful launch of the new Polo subcompact. In Poland, sales were up a healthy 15.3 percent over the same month (October) last year.

Home market sales – Germany – were somewhat disappointing

In its home market, however, VW experienced a slight decrease in sales as they were down 2.5 percent in Germany, while the rest of Western Europe saw sales off a tad more at 3 percent. Interestingly, there was a clear upward trend in orders in Germany which was at least partly attributable to the positive momentum provided by Volkswagen’s environmentally positive message.

Meantime, the VW brand recorded significant growth in Central and Eastern Europe with deliveries up seven percent. Russia drove this overall increase by registering 14.6 percent sales growth.

In the overall North American market, delivers were up 6.3 percent over last year. Led by excellent Canadian deliveries, where were sales were up 31.5 percent to 6,700 vehicles, overall North American sales amounted to 49,300 vehicles. Sales in the U.S.A. rose 11.9 percent to 27,700 vehicles.

In South American, customers picked up 35,900 vehicles, an increase of two percent. Sales in Brazil were up a whopping 73.6 percent, while sales in Argentina were also up a healthy 44.5 percent. Sales in the small-car segment, represented by the Gol and Voyage marques, were particularly strong compared with 2016.

China has a very positive October

In China, Volkswagen had a 9.2 percent increase in deliveries. China sales totaled 303,800 where customers in VW’s most prominent market purchased Tiguans. With 31,100 Tiguans delivered in October, VW saw a sales increase of 37.2 percent.

The Volkswagen brand is sold in more than 150 markets worldwide with vehicles made at more than 50 locations in 14 countries.

Source: Volkswagen