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Porsche To Embark On “Mission E-Possible” With New Electric In 2019

Porsche has high hopes for the Mission E electric. The automaker hopes they can move about 20,000 per year or about a quarter of the number of Macan SUVs that it moves. The Mission E, a super-car unveiled at the Frankfort Auto Show last year, is expected to be lightning fast to 62 kph and still have a 300-mile-plus range.


Porsche will embark on its on “Mission E-Possible” in 2019 when its electric car launches in three years. The mission, which chosen to accept, is simple: the Mission E electric is expected to make up 10 percent of the automaker’s sales.

“We have calculated a quantity [on] the order of about 20,000 for the Mission E,” Oliver Blume, Porsche chief executive, told Automobilewoche, a German automotive publication. Putting it another way, the numbers are about one-quarter the volume of the Macan SUV, Porsche’s top-seller. The Macan makes up about 40 percent of all Porsche sales. Last year, said Automotive News, Porsche’s global sales were up 19 percent to about 225,121 sports cars and SUVs.

The svelte Mission E concept was unveiled at last year’s Frankfurt Auto Show. It is part of Volkswagen’s plan to put its self-inflicted diesel emissions scandal in its rearview so it can move on. Another part of its push to get beyond Dieselgate includes VW’s launch of 30 electrics by 2025. The automaker sees annual sales of 2 to 3 million electrics by that time which it expects to be 20 to 25 percent of its sales.

The Mission E will be a 600-horsepower super-car that is expected to rocket from 0 to 62 kph in under 3.5 seconds. Putting this into perspective, the automaker expects its electric to beat the 4.2-second time of the conventional 911. Porsche believes the Mission E will have a range of more than 310 miles.

Volkswagen’s luxury-performance marque, Porsche will invest about $1.1 billion to introduce the electric. The Mission E is slated to be built at the automaker’s Zuffenhausen plant in Stuttgart Germany. Minimally, Porsche needs to move about 10,000 Mission Es a year to make a profit. The automaker’s labor boss Uwe Huck made the statement.