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How Do You Set The Fastest Lap at the Nurburgring? Take A Huracan And Work

Lamborghini made a big splash at the recent Geneva Motor Show when it introduced the record-setting Huracan Performante, the sports car that set a new lap record at Germany's tough Nurburgring.

If you were going to set a new lap time at Germany’s Nurburgring race track what would you do if you were Lamborghini? Well, for starters, how about taking the high-performance Huracan and making some significant changes.

For example, you might try making a new model, using an existing platform, which combines lightweight technologies, active aerodynamics with aerovectoring and a new chassis setup for the all-wheel-drive system. Then, you would take the initial work and add on an improved powertrain. The result is the Huracan Performante. Lamborghini, another of the many subsidiaries of Volkswagen Group, unveiled the revised Huracan at the recent Geneva Auto Show.

Major New Single-Lap Time

The changes that were made by Lambo resulted in a super sports car whose balance enabled it to achieve the best lap times on the ‘Ring, one of the most challenging road courses in Europe. Last October, the Huracan Perfoormante set a new production car lap record of 6:52:01.

“The Huracan Performante is the convergence of technological development to produce a car delivering a perfect performance,” said Stefano Domenicali, chairman, and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini. “This new car represents the powerhouse of Lamborghini DNA and innovation and a 360-degree approach to creating class-leading super-sports cars. It illustrates the pinnacle of Lamborghini V-10 production car performance to date, on both track and road, and is perfectly exemplified by its name: Lamborghini Huracan Performante.”

The sports car uses a hybrid aluminum and carbon fiber frame. Lamborghini forges the body from aluminum and Lamborghini’s award-winning Forged Composite. Forged Composite, created by using chopped carbon fibers in a resin, allows Lamborgini to create complex geometric shapes well beyond the possibilities of using traditional carbon fiber composites while maintaining stiffness. The construction has also allowed the automaker to cut the Huracan's weight significantly.

Active Aerodynamics System

Also, the Huracan Performante uses Lambo’s Active Aerodynamics (ALA) the patented aerodynamic system developed by Lambo that provides a dynamic variation of the aero load for high downforce or low drag. The front spoiler merges an electric motor for the front spoiler with active flaps built into the rear top of the car.

With ALA off, the active flaps inside the front spoiler are closed, generating high downforce for high-speed cornering and full braking conditions. Switching on, the front flaps are opened by the electric motor, reducing air pressure on the front spoiler and directing air flow via an inner channel through the specially shaped underside of the car. The design cuts drag to optimize acceleration.

Source: Lamborghini