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Ford F150 Tremor To Take Advantage Of Wheely Big Tires

If and when Ford introduces a Tremor option package for the F150 pickup lineup, it is likely that the Tremor will take advantage of the planned big wheel option.


With the company considering the addition of a Tremor option to the Ford F150, now seems as good a time as any to look at a key part of the traction option, tires.To say that it aids off-road handling is honestly putting it mildly.

The Ford Authority had a chance to look at the F250 version of the Tremor, just added to the Ford truck lineup, and the correspondent liked what he saw. Torque News has looked at and likes the Tremor package quite well..

Ford May Add Tremor To F150 lineup

Or, to put it in the words of the Ford Authority correspondent: “In the world of factory-spec, off-roading pickups, there’s a new best-roaming the wilds, it’s called the Ford Super Duty Tremor.”

The Tremor option is ready to do its bush-busting, flattening anything in its path. The package, introduced last month, is set for delivery on 2020 Super Duty Models. The gear includes 35-inch tires, the largest-diameter tires available for the vehicles. The tires planned for this option come from Goodyear. Plans call for four Wrangler Duratrac max-traction compound tires. As the heavy-duty option stands now, the wheels are mounted on 18-inch matte-black wheels sitting on a chassis that has two-inch lift front and rear.

Goodyear specifically designed the 35-inch tires for use off-roading. The tires are designed to shed any sticks, stones, or other detritus that may be picked up on back-country treks. The tire's design includes a self-cleaning shoulder blocks that handle the chore. Meanwhile, the tread is very blocky. It features deep grooves that work with the chunky tread. Though designed primarily for off-roading, the tires work well with highways because they are quiet and comfortable.

Tires Should Work Well With Ford F150 Version

This type of tire should work well with a Ford F150 Tremor if the automaker goes that way. Since Goodyear designed the tires for the role, they play off-road, if Ford comes across with the F150 version of the Tremor, it will be a real rock-crawler.

And, the 35-inch diameter wheels provide lots of available structure so that the tread retains its grip, even on rough roads and broken surfaces, such as you will find on many back-country paths. Of course, as off-roading experts advise, you have to let some air out of the Wranglers, before you start on your trek. The reason for this is that the tires keep their grip and provide maximum flexibility over any terrain and any obstacles that may get in the way.

As the current Tremor is meant to work with the Super Duty series, the engines are different than you find on the Ford F150. Equally as necessary, the new Tremor option is intended to maximize the big tires. As it now stands, the current option works with either Ford’s 7.3-liter V8 gasoline engine of the automakers 6.7-liter Power Stroke Diesel.

Ford F150 Tremor Will Likely Be Offered

As to the potential F150 Tremor model, the pickup can undoubtedly take advantage of the enormous tires. Independent tuners have been using 35-inch tires lately as they upgrade Ford F150s into models that are very similar to products produced by Roush Performance or Hennessey, which uses many tweaks to created its VelociRaptor from the Ford F150 Raptor. Power choices will likely be the 5.0-liter V8 or, perhaps, Ford will use a tuned version of its 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine or its 2.7-liter engine. As to diesel power, Ford will likely use the Power Stroke Diesel.

Will there will be a renewed version of the Tremor for the Ford F150 lineup -- it lived in the lineup through 2014 -- it seems like it is a pretty good bet for the 2021 or 2022 model years. Indeed with the interest the Super Duty world is creating for the Tremor option, it seems like a very good bet that there will be a Ford F150 Tremor option.

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JJ Lenkel (not verified)    July 23, 2019 - 12:30AM

Is the Ford F150 4x4 have better on a Full charge on the 100% Electric pick up ? Oh wait Ford doesn't have a 100% Electric pick up ? I'm thinking of Rivian 400miles per. Charge...

Marc Stern    July 25, 2019 - 7:54AM

Believe it or not, somewhere in the bushes at the Ford Proving Ground there is an all-electric Ford F150 on the loose. I know, I've seen it in at least one video. And, I also hear that in 2020, there will really be an F150 Hybrid, so they are getting closer. In the video, by the way, the F150 all-electric hauls a whole bunch of rail cars loaded with other F150s. So, I know it is out there.