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Will There Be A Ford F150 Tremor Edition? It Seems Entirely Possible

Ford Motor is considering a Tremor offroad package for the upcoming F150. The Ford F150 Tremor will be a real rock crawler.


Will they or won’t they? Not even one of Ford’s top owner forums, the Ford Authority, knows for sure. The Authority indeed says that a Tremor package is under serious consideration for the popular Ford F150 lineup.

Ford F150 Tremor Edition Could Follow F250/350 Announcement

Last week, Ford announced that it would offer Tremor offroading packages for its SuperDuty 250 and 350 models. And, now, it is believed the package, which was offered four years ago as part of Ford Motor’s standard F150 models, will again be part of the lineup in the next couple of years.

This story goes back more than a month. According to various sources, a very short F150 pickup was seen running around on Southern California roads. Various spies had a chance to look closely at the “F150 shorty,” and they immediately concluded that it was just a mule for a full-sized Bronco model. Ford announced that no full-sized Bronco was coming, putting that rumor to rest. The mid-sized Bronco SUV revival is due next year and may have a shorter version, based on the Ford Ranger.

Still, the shorty “shorty F150” kept on driving the streets of California. The Ford Authority claimed it had figured out that the mule was tested bed for an F150 Tremor, a model that disappeared from the lineup about three years ago. When it appears is a different story. Some believe it will make it in 2020, while others have suggested a delay until the next generation Ford F150.

Ford F150 Tremor Package Could Be Offroad

Last week, Ford released a Tremor package for F250/350 Super Duty Single Axle models. The Tremor Super Duty models feature a host of offroading additions. The Super Duty models also retain their heavier duty capability – towing and larger payload capacity. Ford Releases Tremor Pack For F250/F350 Super Duty Models.

Ford’s Super Duty Tremor package includes 35-inch tires Goodyear Wrangler Duratrec tires, a two-inch suspension life, a Dana limited-slip front differential, a set of running boards that tuck into the body, and FX4-sourced skid plates.

As the Ford Authority noted in its piece on the Ford F150 Tremor, the Blue Oval will take a similar approach to the rough stuff in the lighter-duty Ford F150 line. The Ford F150 Tremor will be able to crawl along rocky trails as opposed to what it called a “high-speed desert stormer like the F150 Raptor.”

Ford F150 Tremor Editon Still In Discussion

Remember, though, that the Ford F150 Tremor is still in the discussion stage. The automaker has yet to decide on whether the Ford F150 Tremor package will become real. The Ford Authority says, though, it is “definitely on the table.” It is possible Ford may opt to include the Tremor package in its next-gen Ford F150, which is set to appear sometime in the next three years.

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Source:The Ford Authority