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Why 2016 Ram owners are having problems with their plastic fender wells

From the complaints, it sounds as though the plastic fender wells on some 2016 Ram trucks aren't secured properly. Several owners report that the fender wells keep popping out from behind the bumpers.

The fender well issue was first raised online by Marshen, from Long Island. He says his 2016 Ram 1500 is driving him crazy. “Has anyone else experienced problems with the plastic fender wells separating from the bumper? I've had this to the dealer 3 times, they've sent it to body shop and RAM Customer Care has been involved from the start. Now the problem is on both sides of the vehicle. I've looked at a number of 1500"s at the dealership and none appear to have this issue.

Another owner named Fan, from South Carolina, has noticed a similar problem. “I have noticed that on the drivers side of my truck when I hand wash it (vs the car wash) a few times. I just push it back in place and keep on truckin. As a matter of fact I hand washed my truck yesterday after the car wash made it look worse than it did before hand and I remember pushing it back in place.”

A Boston driver named Mac says it happens with his truck as well. “Mine pops out but remains flat not bent up like yours. I also just push it back behind the bumper when I detail the truck. Doesn't happen all the time.”

A Houston driver says it happens on his 2015 Ram 1500, too! “I have the exact same problem. I'd love to know if anyone knows of a more permanent solution. I hate having to push the plastic back in place every few weeks.”

A 2016 Ram owner, who goes by 901, says it took two different dealers to get his truck fixed. “This was a major issue with mine and my first dealer couldn't solve the problem. Finally went to a new dealer and they solved the problem with all 4 of them. Acton Chrysler Ram Jeep Dodge and speak to Chris the service manager to get recommendations.”

The problem does not appear to be related to the climate because it has happened to drivers all over the country. A Pennsylvania 2016 Ram owner thought it was something he might have caused. “I've had the same problem on the passenger side of mine since I bought it in July. I assumed it was something I did so I never brought it up at the dealer; I just pop it back in place each time I wash it. Guess I'll have to mention it next time I'm at the dealership and see if they have a fix for it.”

A Missouri driver, who calls himself Rambox, says that the plastic fender wells may not be secured correctly. “On my 2016 Ram, there were no push pins left holding the ones on the rear. Made a lot of noise on the test drive.”

A number of the forum members suggested that the owners drill holes and secure the fender wells with small screws. I would highly recommend that Ram owners take the trucks to their dealers and have them fix it before trying something so drastic.

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