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On Heels of Popular Super Bowl EV Ads, GM Increasing EV Commitment

The Super Bowl was all about nostalgia. GM is getting rave reviews for its Sopranos style ad featuring the 2024 Silverado EV, as well as its ad convincing Dr. Evil to solve climate change.


General Motors is getting lots of publicity for its two big ads that ran during the Super Bowl. The first reunited much of the cast of Austin Powers and featured Dr. Evil finding out he has a grandchild. The news convinces Dr. Evil he must solve climate change for his grandson. Dr. Evil makes his escape in a 2022 GMC HUMMER EV. The second ad recreates the start of the popular Sopranos series, only this time Tony’s daughter is driving a 2024 Silverado EV.

Watch the Dr. Evil Ad Here

The Sopranos ad, starring Jamie-Lynn Sigler as Meadow and Robert Iler as her on-screen brother A. J., seemed to take everyone by surprise.

Watch the Sopranos Ad Here

Today, Dr. Evil appeared to have control of the General Motors Twitter account and pledged his support in the fight against climate change.

General Motors@GM

The world is a scary place. Trust me, I made it that way. But now that I’m a G-poppa, I must create a better world for Baby-Me. That’s why, as the new overlord of GM, I am committed to fighting climate change. How committed? How about me donating ONE MILLION DOLLARS committed.

GM CEO Mary Barra immediately announced that GM is upping its commitment to the cause.

Mary Barra @mtbarra

Replying to @GM

$1M may work for you and Baby-Me, but GM is going bigger. We're doubling our Climate Equity Fund to $50M to help bring #EVerybodyIn. You’ve had your fun, but we’ll take it from here.

GM's Increased Commitment

Using the advertisements as a springboard, GM says it is committing an additional $25 million to equitable climate action through its Climate Equity Fund. In all, GM is dedicating a total of $50 million to help close equity gaps in the transition to electric vehicles and other sustainable technology.

GM’s Climate Equity Fund is supporting 21 nonprofit organizations that are helping train people for Clean Energy jobs. The nonprofits are also working to educate people about the importance of switching to electric vehicles or autonomous vehicles. GM is working in the community to increase access to more sustainable transportation, including but not limited to, EVs and EV infrastructure. This is in addition to the company's commitment to invest $35 billion globally in EV and AV programs, research, technology, manufacturing and charging infrastructure.

“As the effects of climate change take hold across the globe, it has never been more urgent to ensure inclusion and equity guide our sustainable solutions,” says Kristen Siemen, GM chief sustainability officer. “Doubling our Climate Equity Fund will help meet this urgency with deepened engagement at the community level, where we believe our support will have the greatest impact in accelerating the transition to an inclusive zero-emissions future.”

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