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Can a 20 Mile EV Ford C-Max Energi Battery Deliver 50% Ev Miles?

Based on the USA Governments figures of the average USA driver, he/she drives less than 40 miles a day in his/her car. Well if that is still the truth than the Ford C-Max Energi’s battery pack size of 20 miles should actually deliver 50% of this cars total miles. Is that even possible?


Since I have had a Ford C-Max Energi for 2 years now, my 2013 car is a good test case. How many miles have I driven and how many of these miles are EV miles? As of this writing, the car has 63,643 total miles on her. Keep in mind, my old day job was 60 miles away in each direction so many of these miles are just straight commute miles. I have since left that long commute behind and have a better job which is only 18 miles from my home. Only problem is, I am in business development which means although my office is closer to my home, my job is technically everywhere but my office. That means, I spend a great deal of time driving to a new place and a different place almost every day.

So now that you understand my cars usage can you guess what percent of my miles are EV? There is no way, I can possibly have made 50% EV miles because I drive further than the average USA driver does every day. I also don’t make it a habit to look around for EVSEs when I’m working as I have too many other things to do besides look for an EVSE that could be miles away. Its not to say I never have but most of the time I don’t as time is of the essence so that its a luxury I just don’t have at this point.

Turns out of my 63,643 total vehicle miles, 30381 of them are EV miles. That’s close to 50% of my cars miles. 47.7% to be exact. So even with my old insane commute and my daily driving to offices away from my home office, I’m averaging about what the USA’s average consumer actually drives. So my car has been able to give me almost 50% EV miles even though it only has a 20 mile range battery pack.

My average for the life of the car so far is 61 mpgs which is the best gas mileage I have ever achieved in any car I have ever had. So as an EV it is actually pretty respectable and as a gasser, it truly has done much better than average. Its got to be one of the best MPGs anyone could hope for. At the end of the day, the Ford C-Max Energi is an exceptional car and I highly recommend it.


Paul Clarke (not verified)    September 22, 2015 - 10:32PM

The answer to the question is unequivocally "yes". However, it totally and obviously depends on your driving needs. We've also had a C-Max Energi for about 2 years, and while it is our 1st choice for driving, we have a 2nd car. Regardless, the C-Max Energi gets the most miles. But, that's only about 17,000 over the 2 years. We have very reasonable commutes (about 9 miles and 4 miles from home, respectively, for my spouse and I). We only just dropped below 170 mpg because of a recent trip to Houston. That's about 100 gallons of gasoline for the life of the car so far.