Audi E-tron SUV vs Tesla Model X
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Audi E-Tron Crossover SUV vs Tesla Model X - Who’s Next To Try and Beat The Tesla Model X

Audi made a big announcement today on Tuesday in the Electric Car Space. Its E-Tron crossover SUV made its first appearance at the Shanghai Auto Show. Funny how they chose Shanghai instead of New York City which is still happening this week.

The Audi E-Tron will have an estimated 300 Miles of range, however, I somewhat doubt that expectation with its 95 Kilowatt Hour Battery. The car is aiming to have a quick charge of 30 minutes to 80% full which would mean that if the 300 miles of anticipated range would put an 80% charge in at 240 miles for every ½ hour of charging at a quick charger.

This is quite significant as just the other day I was writing about the Chevy Bolt and its 240-mile range and its exceptional positioning in the market right now. So the Audi division of VW is dramatically showing the world that it wants to rebuild its image after telling the world for years that diesel was clean in its diesel cars. It took the USA to figure out that they were rigging their cars to pass emissions tests.

Audi E-Tron SUV vs Tesla Model X

Back to EV Range: The 240 Mile quick charge range number would give a traveler assuming they were traveling at 60 miles an hour would have a full 4 hours of driving for every ½ hour of charging. So if you started your driving at 8 am in the morning and drove till 12:00 pm and stopped for lunch and quickly charged during your ½ lunch you could then drive another 4 hours based on that quick charge. So 480 miles of driving based on 2 quick charges. That is really a perfect number for actually using your Audi SUV. Take it to the shore or the mountains on the weekends, and use it as a daily driver during the week. The Audi E-Tron would truly be a welcomed addition to the growing fleet of EVs slated to come out in 2018.

The SUV market is really a market not serviced with many choices for the consumer at this point. Only the Tesla Model X really sits in that space and you are hard pressed to find anything else as the Lucid is going to be a really strong performer if everything comes out as planned but it is still a sedan.

My question will continue to be, where is Ford. The Ford company has given us the Ford Focus EV with 80 or so miles of range in a competitive space of larger battery capacity vehicles (Nissan Leaf) and has recently stopped selling the car in Europe. Why? They have proven once again, that they are not interested in the space and state that the market will determine their course of action. Well, Ford, the market is coming out with longer range vehicles that are electric in many different car segments. You are not following the market and seems like you are going backward.

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Audi despite being somewhat late to the party on the EV side of things truly has pushed the envelope with this announcement. I’m really looking forward to this car. 2018 should be a great year and the Tesla Model 3 will be here by then as well.

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