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Volkswagen e-Golf All-Electric Car: Will It Be A Success?

Electric cars are all the rage, and with gas prices usually above $3.00 per gallon and fluctuating on a daily basis, expect more of hybrid and electric plug-in vehicles gracing the roadways than ever before. Consumers will be looking for something that saves cash at the pump and reduces their overall carbon footprint. These consumer demands in conjunction with government regulations for fuel efficiency have automakers looking for solutions to meet needs all around.

When thinking about electric cars, names like Tesla come to mind. However, Volkswagen is stepping up its game in terms of electric vehicles with its XL1 and completely electric 2015 e-Golf that started gracing sales floors earlier this month. It comes in three models including diesel, electric, and plug-in hybrid, and will be built on the new MQB platform, along with the 2015 Audi A3.

Who would have thought that VW, a leader in the diesel market for years, would be jumping on the e electric car bandwagon? Leading the diesel game for years, 23% total of VW sales included clean diesel technology, which is impressive considering just barely 3% makes up diesel sales in the United States market.

Sure, VW sees the consumer demand for gas conserving cars, and with stricter government regulations likely on the horizon, it only makes sense for the German company to dive into electric car building.

Although competing with cars with similar prices and battery ranges, we do see the e-Golf being a success and making a splash in the EV market. Not only does VW have a loyal following since it was founded in ‘37, but a fresh face in a sea of familiar faces may give it a big boost for those looking for something new.

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