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The Jaguar XE Sportbrake is a Wagon built to please

Jaguar plans to change our perception of how consumers think about a station wagon. The new XE Sportbrake Estate Wagon may be the best ever, but will they come to the US?


The words station wagon can send shivers up the back of most sports car fans, but if Jaguar builds this new Sportbrake edition of the all new XE sedan coming out soon, it promises to be a head turner. Okay wait, how can a wagon be a head turner? It’s kind of like a mini-van for running to the grocery store or carting the kids to soccer games, right? Well, if Jaguar does this one right, it could be the best wagon ever built. The XF version of the Sportbrake vehicle looks great so we can hope that the lighter XE sedan will provide a great platform for the wagon to hit the streets with some attitude.

Jaguar’s first attempt at a wagon was in 2005 with an X-Type called “Sportwagon” that was billed as utility with elegance, but it was not well received among the Jaguar purists. Sales numbers for the X-Type wagon were disappointing - it just did not seem to fit the brands’ stylish and sophisticated lines that Jaguar is famous for.

The wagon version of the XE could hit the streets as early as 2016 as part of the 2017 vehicle lineup and may be powered by the 3.0 liter Supercharged V6 rated at 335 horsepower. They might also decide to try the Ingenium Diesel in this new wagon. You can bet that if this new Sportbrake hits US soil, it will set its sights on the BMW 3-series wagon. However, the brand new 2015 Mercedes C-Class wagon is sporting an all-new design that will be sure to please this market as well.

If Jaguar wants to sell this new wagon they need to make the styling over the top and very distinctive so when you see it there is no mistake it’s a Jaguar. Don’t play the copycat game….make it sporty and make it stand out in the crowd.



Brian Lemaire (not verified)    December 10, 2014 - 8:46AM

They are going to produce a convertible XE too. With a choice of 4- and 6-cylinder engine.

.... then I woke up. Oh well.