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The Jaguar XE is already winning awards

It did not take long for the all-new Jaguar XE is rack up an award. The XE was just named “Most Beautiful Car of 2014” at Paris Festival.


It must be rewarding to put so much time, effort, and money into an automotive project and then see the public embrace it. And what a thrill to see the car you have worked day and night on, win awards and praises from the press and media. Jaguar has eagerly awaited to reveal their new premium compact sports sedan to the world and it did not take long for the awards to begin rolling in.

The Jaguar XE was just named “Most Beautiful Car of 2014” at the Festival Automobile International in Paris. Ian Callum (Jaguar Design Director) accepted the award during a ceremony held on January 27th. The crowd on hand at the Hotel des Invalides included around 600 VIP’s and more than 60 media attendees. This was the 30th Annual Festival held in Paris and is decided by public vote and with more than 100,000 votes cast it was not an easy task to beat out the competition from the German’s. With 28% of the votes the XE was able to win against competition like; the Mazda MX-5, Mercedes C-Class, Audi A4, and the Fiat 500X.

The all-new XE is quickly showing a trend of being a winner, this was the second award won by the new Jaguar. The XE was also awarded “Best Production Car” by Auto Plus Magazine and the listeners of French radio station RTL. Based on the amount of innovative technology and performance this car is packed with, Jaguar will need a new wing on their corporate offices to hold the awards this car will win.

We (the consumers) can read every review and analyze each test-drive until we know as much as the test engineer’s do, but when the rubber meets the road, will the XE live up to the social media hype? If the sedan continues to win awards, it will be hard to resist giving this highly anticipated car a look or even a test drive. I’m already trying to line up my road test in the new XE, so line up behind me!

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