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Can James Bond out run the villain in a C-X75 Hybrid Jaguar Supercar?

Sometimes the cars in a Bond movie are just as popular as the stars. The C-X75 Concept Hybrid Supercar is rumored to be driven by the villain and may get some serious screen time.


Jaguar may not ever build the 850 horsepower hybrid supercar but rumors are swirling that the C-X75 will make its movie debut in the new James Bond film Spectre. But wait….the car will not be driven by Bond himself, but by the villain. The hybrid engine will reportedly be ditched in favor of the 5.0 liter Supercharged V8 powerhouse and may drive home the brands tag “It’s Good to be Bad”.
No official announcement is being made at this time by Jaguar, but those involved in the films production team say its true. Jaguar officials said any confirmation would likely come in 2015. This would not be the only time the bad guy in a Bond movie drove a Jaguar, Casino Royale and Die Another Day also saw Bond being chased by villains in Jaguars! (Those included the XJ8, XJR, and the mighty XKR)

Why would it be cool to see the bad guy in a Jaguar? A Villain needs to have style, razor sharp suit, ability to stay one step ahead, and command respect anywhere he goes and those are the same qualities that Jaguar has built into their newest vehicles. Jaguar sports cars are always ready impress on a casual daily drive or during a night on the town and now they may be ready to do battle with the iconic James Bond!

A Villain seems to always have a trick up his sleeve and know the exact time to use it, the Jaguar C-X75 will be packing a 550 horsepower beast under the hood and is ready to pounce when called upon. Keeping cool even under extreme pressure is a trait that Bond always possess and the villain will need to stay one step ahead if he want to accomplish his goal, but it should be interesting to see if the Jaguar C-X75 gives the villain the upper hand.

In case you were curious, the hero car that Bond will drive in the new movie is the just unveiled Aston Martin DB10. More info here: See 007's new ride.

Aston Martin has already using #Good to be Bond on Twitter as a teaser to copy Jaguar’s tag. Needless to say, the movie will be full of exciting car chases and cars doing incredible stunts as we have come to expect from a Bond movie.

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