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Will our Favorite 007 Spy Leave Us Slightly Thirsty?

As balance and order have now been restored, we can excitedly report after previous rumors the Aston Martin would not appear in the next instalment of the James Bond franchise, it has now been confirmed Bond, James Bond will pilot the Aston Martin DB10 in the upcoming film upon its release in 2015.


Revealed during an event in Pinewood Studios in London, studio reps took the opportunity to officially share, our favorite British spy, would once more take us on an adventure from behind the wheel of the DB10 that would be filled with nonstop thrilling suspense and action.

With ten cars being built at the firm's headquarters in Gaydon, that will be used throughout the film, it is likely in coming Aston Models they will adopt and evolve from the modernistic styling of the DB10 with the new generation of AM models powered by Mercedes-AMG engines.

Filming having commenced, the next chapter of the 007 series is being shot in locations around the globe from Mexico City, to Rome, to locations such as Austria and Morocco. With the expected release date set for November 6th 2015, Bond fans worldwide can now rest easy knowing the Fiat 500 that we previously reported on will not be the only ride of choice for our favorite spy in the next installment of the series.

With that said one must wonder however, will the scene with the Fiat be the scene most will choose for a visit to the concession stand. This could be a good opportunity for a beverage refill as well as we are sure the Aston Martin DB10 scenes will leave us all a bit dehydrated and slightly thirsty.