Aston Martin

In 1914 Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford founded Aston Martin with a faith that a sports car should have a distinct character. The automaker has survived for 90 years and Aston Martin combines 3 characters of power, beauty and soul.
Aston Martin Rapide-E Sports Saloon Fixed Head

The Ex-Ford in Your Future: Aston Martin Reveals the Electric Rapide E: The BEV Mustang Makers Should Be Making

Instead of waiting to wonder what a Mustang BEV CUV will come to, rogue ex-Forder Aston Martin shows their former boss they don’t even need an SUV platform to electrify one of their products, they can do it on a current production car: their flagship saloon, the Rapide. Attention American Cops: this ex-Ford is definitely a Crown Vic and Explorer Inceptor Killer!
Aston Martin Lineup

Aston Martin takes on the Rocky Mountain Terrain

Aston Martin, once again taking it to the ice to demonstrate the off-road capabilities of the well- known luxury sports coupes, well be drifting its way through Colorado soon for its signature annual drive event Aston Martins On Ice. A three day excursion, set in the beautiful landscape of Crested Butte, Colorado, participants will experience ten acres of ice tracks that will provide them with the fill of gravity-defying cornering and some serious getting it sideways braking.
Aston Martin Vanquish Super GT

Aston Martin Celebrates Sixty Years of Heritage with more than 15K Hand-Crafted Cars

In celebration of 60 years of the Aston Martin Works production in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire where between 1955 and 2007 an estimated 15,000 hand-crafted cars were assembled six Works 60th Anniversary models have been unveiled. Just last Friday the first of the six expected models was revealed to guest in attendance of the Aston Martin Christmas Party.
Aston Martin

Addition of New Player to the Aston Martin Family Revealed

Aston Martin continuing to lay the foundation for a strong future via their partnership with Diamler for the sharing of technologies, a newly appointed CEO, Andy Palmer, and its announcement of an entrance into the crossover and hybrid market has now managed to acquire Matt Becker, one of the most sought after engineers from Lotus.
Aston Martin Lagonda

Will Aston Martin be able to Maintain Quintessential Appeal in the Crossover and Hybrid Market?

With recent confirmation that Aston Martin will be evolving into the profitable market of SUV and hybrid production, from new Chief Executive Officer- Andy Palmer, the brand will be broadening its line-up to grow an already loyal customer base.
Aston Martin On Ice 2014 in Lapland

Watch Spectacular Footage of Aston Martin On Ice 2014 in Lapland

Aston Martin Providing the ultimate driving experience, is once again planning the “Winter on Ice Performance Driving” event for 2015. In the midst of winter, on a yearly basis, Aston Martin creates an amazing four day sabbatical for the AM enthusiast that allows one to take their personal driving experience to the next level in what some might say an extreme setting.
Aston Martin

What is Aston Martin looking for in the Sand Deserts of Egypt?

While often countries are at odds, it is often the automobile that crosses all boundaries. With that said Ezz Elarah Automotive Group has recently expanded the boundary of the Aston Martin brand into the uncharted territory of Egypt. The only approved agent for Aston Martin, this officially introduces the British born brand into the Egyptian automotive market.
Aston Martin in China

Aston Martin Travels East To Share First Class Experience with China

Further enhancing their commitment to the Chinese market, Aston Martin recently celebrated the opening of a new dealership in Xiamen, China. Partnering with Ting Hu Group, with the goal in mind to bring the British born auto to new lands, Martin showcased an exclusive celebration with guests viewing first-hand one of the world’s most beloved sports cars.
James Bond Fiat 500

Do You Approve James Bond's Aston Martin Fiat 500 Tradeoff?

Sadly in the next installment of the beloved Bond series, James Bond will not be sporting the British born Aston Martin DB5 in the upcoming release of the latest 007 adventure. The MI6 secret agent, played by some of the greatest actors in the industry from Roger Moore, Sean Connery to the debonair Pierce Bronsan, will now be in the Italian spirit behind the wheel of the Fiat 500 taking us on numerous thrill chases through the streets of the Vatican.