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Addition of New Player to the Aston Martin Family Revealed

Aston Martin continuing to lay the foundation for a strong future via their partnership with Diamler for the sharing of technologies, a newly appointed CEO, Andy Palmer, and its announcement of an entrance into the crossover and hybrid market has now managed to acquire Matt Becker, one of the most sought after engineers from Lotus.


With confirmation Becker will be joining the Aston Martin family he is expected to join the team within the next month. Becker who led the vehicle testing and development at Lotus will now take on the role of Chief Engineer VAE (Vehicle Attribute Engineering) in his new position.

Falling under the leadership of Ian Minards department of product development, Becker is expected to assist in evolving the next generation of Aston Martin’s sports portfolio with focus on the handling abilities of the line-up.

Becker who has enjoyed a career of more than two decades at Lotus, with impressive contributions of innovations and new technologies, is expected to round out the evolution of the British born automaker assisting with moving the brand into new markets.

With the official date set of January 5th 2015, Becker is scheduled to begin his new position in moving the aging Aston Marin portfolio into the future with the DB9 expected to arrive in 2016. It is also anticipated that upcoming models released in coming years will include the power of the AMG partnership of 2014.

Looking to make head way on the competition, with Aston Martin currently trailing behind we expect with a new game plan in place and new players on the field the beloved high end luxury brand just might be able to catch up with the likes of their counterparts Porsche and Bentley in the coming years. Ultimately only time will tell. With an all-star cast now aboard Aston Martin and with show time commencing will this team receive a standing ovation in coming years as the luxury brand of choice?