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What Happens When Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing Collaborate?

The era of supercars is all over. Now we are in the era of the hypercar. Automakers such as Ferrari, McLaren, and Porsche have gone with high-tech powertrains to make their model stand out. Aston Martin is the latest automaker to throw their hat in the hypercar wars.
Posted: July 5, 2016 - 4:33PM
Author: Will Maley

But they aren't alone as they have called in Red Bull Racing to help them out. The end result is this, the AM-RB 001.

What you see here isn't the final product, but a model of what the finished model should look like when production begins in 2018. The design is quite radical with tall wheel-wells, massive front-splitter, and vents all around. It looks more like a futuristic race car than an actual production model. Under the body is a number of aerodynamic tricks done by RBR's technical design officer Adrian Newey to help generate a huge amount of downforce to keep the vehicle on the road.

Sitting within the carbon fiber structure is a mid-mounted Aston Martin V12 engine (naturally aspirated) that is said to give the vehicle a 1:1 power-to-weight ratio (1 hp per kg). Official numbers haven't been announced, but considering the power-to-weight ratio, this is going to be one fast car. Other details such as the suspension are being kept quiet for now.

Aston Martin is currently debating how many AM-RB 001 models will be built (ranging from 99 to 125). Some of those models will be track-only versions that is said to be as fast as current LMP1 race car.

Pic Credit: Aston Martin