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Watch Spectacular Footage of Aston Martin On Ice 2014 in Lapland

Aston Martin Providing the ultimate driving experience, is once again planning the “Winter on Ice Performance Driving” event for 2015. In the midst of winter, on a yearly basis, Aston Martin creates an amazing four day sabbatical for the AM enthusiast that allows one to take their personal driving experience to the next level in what some might say an extreme setting.


Surrounded by a wintery terrain full of snow-capped trees, professional AM instructors teach the skill of ice driving and performance drifting step by step to all participants. On a thrilling 9.23 mile ice track, atop a frozen lake hidden in the surreal beauty of untouched nature, drivers take seat in a selected Aston Martin fitted with more than 2000 spikes for the ultimate ice track adventure.

Taking place in the far corner of Sweden, drivers will experience the world’s most renowned proving ground the Arvidsjaur track. A cold-weather prototype testing facility that includes the Aston martin model line-up among many other high end performance brands as well.

Throughout the four days, much like the everyday luxury and elegance of the Aston Martin driving experience all participants are treated to a fan fare event full of Swedish hospitality in an exclusive get a way. At the end of each day drivers retire to their retreat with other like-minded Aston Martin drivers to share the day’s events while enjoying the Swedish cuisine.

As man and machine are matched, enthusiasts who take part in the Winter on Ice Performance Driving, will assuredly embrace the power, soul, and beauty of the Aston Martin. Taking not only the drivers endurance to the next level but showcasing the capabilities of the British born auto as well in one of the most extreme forums.

The training geared towards high endurance and sportsmanship driving, Aston Martin does recommend developed and advanced driving skills for the step by step training sessions students will experience while learning the art of drifting and ice driving. Sure to garner thrill seeking adventurers from around the world, would you trek this long journey to the winter wilderness of Sweden for the ultimate Aston Martin ice track experience?