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Lucid's Newest Studio Opens in Washington, D.C. Metro Area

Lucid expands its presence on the Eastern Seaboard with the opening of a new Studio in Tysons, Virginia.


As part of its nationwide spread before going international Lucid has opened its newest Studio in the Tysons Corners Center mall located outside of Washington, D.C.

The Studio, which makes America's seventh-largest mall its new home, is located in a strong EV market and is the fourth to open on the Eastern Seaboard after one in Manhattan and two in Florida, located in Miami and West Palm Beach. The Tysons Corners Studio is Lucid's eleventh direct-to-customer retail space with another nine planned to open in Q1 of 2022.

Customers explore a Lucid Air EV sedan at the new Lucid Studio in the Washington, D.C. Metro AreaThe Studio Experience
Lucid's Studios are set up to provide customers with an insight into the design ethos of the company's record-breaking Air sedan, allowing them to explore the places and themes that have inspired its production.

Using a 4K VR system known as the Lucid Virtual Reality Experience customers can sample the entire range of customizations available for the Air from interior materials to exterior paint colours. There are, of course, real-world samples on hand to provide a more tactile sense of the high-quality materials that go into making every Lucid Air.

Image showing Lucid's Virtual Reality Experience, a mock-up of of the car's interior with seats, dashboard, and steering wheel.

Customers can walk in to the Studio, make an appointment, or design their Air from home through Lucid's online configurator. Known as Lucid Studio Live, the cloud-based configurator allows customers to explore the Air's features from home through VR while being guided by a Lucid representative.

The Studio experience allows customers to explore the different Air models, from the Air Pure through Touring and Grand Touring. Lucid expects to begin deliveries of the Grand Touring models after finishing production of the 520 Dream Edition launch vehicles with Touring and Pure deliveries to take place during 2022.

Images: Lucid Motors on Twitter licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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