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Lucid Unveils Sinister "Stealth Look" Package

New Stealth Look package brings unique wheels and a much meaner look to Lucid's flagship EV.

Lucid unveiled a sinister new appearance package for the record-breaking and production-mired Air sedan today with 35 exterior changes shifting its look from luxurious to downright villainous. The exterior transformation is designed to hint at the Air's sporting credentials more than the original "Platinum Look" with its focus on luxury.

Image of a black Lucid Air Stealth Look from the side.Changes From Platinum Look
Like some road-going SR-71 the Stealth Look Air has been fully "murdered-out" as the kids would say, with a slew of changes that a simple wrap job would struggle to match. Components that would ordinarily be finished in the luxury car's Platinum Look are replaced by a range of gloss and satin jobs "reminiscent of the spéculaire black polishing technique employed in fine horology and jewelry," an expensive and time-consuming process that gives hand-polished steel parts a near-flawless black color. Read more about it here if that's your sort of thing.

Image of a white Lucid Air Stealth Look with a black version in the foreground.

The Stealth Air's wing mirrors and distinctive roof rails receive the spéculaire treatment, as does the trim around the Air's Micro Lens Array headlights and its one-piece taillight assembly. There are also changes to the trim around the bottom of the Air's bodywork and blacked-out badging on the sides and rear. The whole package gives quite the effect and nails the brief as a more devilish version of Lucid's first offering.

Front view of a black Lucid Air Stealth Look showing its altered headlight surround.

“From its inception, Lucid Air was designed for two distinct looks that reflect the duality of its personality: standard Platinum Look, which highlights its luxurious nature; and now Stealth Look, which is simultaneously assertive yet under-the-radar,” - Derek Jenkins, SVP of Design and Brand, Lucid Group.

Wheels, Pricing and Availability
The Stealth Look package is planned for introduction during Q1 of 2023 and will be available on Air Grand Touring, AGT Performance and Air Touring Trims. Air Pure buyers will just have to settle for Platinum Look luxury. Ho-hum. All of the existing body colors will be offered with Stealth Look accoutrements.

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If you want to drive one of the meanest electric cars on the road you'll be looking at a $6000 ($7500 CAD) increase in the price of your Lucid Air and the package includes unique wheels depending on size (20" or 21") with satin black aero cover inserts like the ones supplied with Platinum Look Airs.

Rear view highlighting the unique wheels on a white Lucid Air Stealth Look.

Prospective buyers and procrastinating journalists alike can examine all the possible combinations from August 10th through the brand's online configurator and speak one-on-one remotely with a salesperson, all with our choice of Californian backdrop.

Image of a black Lucid Air Stealth Look.

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Images by Lucid Motors licensed by CC BY 2.0.

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