2015 Honda Fit

Redesigned 2015 Honda Fit seats 6’5 inch driver in class leading interior

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Torque News had the opportunity to drive the first 2015 Honda Civic EX delivered to Track Town USA. We were blown away by the interior volume of this sub-compact.

Thanks to our friends at Kendall Honda of Eugene and Ron Tonkin Honda of Portland,Ore., Torque News was kept in the loop as to the pending arrival of the 2015 Fit to the Pacific Northwest. We drove our first production Fit at Kendall Thursday Afternoon. Better late than never, the Hocho in Mexico Fit has caught our attention.

Tall cowboy fits in the Fit.

At 6’5” tall, it’s not often that this journalist can sit comfortably in many European and Japanese imports. Long willing to adjust the seat all the way back on its rails while tilting the upper seat in a steep decline, this driver would often find knees to dash and head to the headliner. This is not the case with the 2015 Honda Fit.

So, we’ll start this review by spewing glowing experlatives as to the interior attributes, fit, finish and tech-rich interior of the totally redesigned Fit. This car is everything Honda promised and more. We found no compromise on interior accommodations right down to the double cup holder. O.K., perhaps we wouldn’t of located the cup holder in front of the shifting council. But then again, this is a sub-compact with limited accoutrement space in the forward cockpit.

Nice interior.

Honda’s done a commendable job of adding a rich “soft textured” interior to this entry-level 5 door hatch. The curved dashboard, gauge and touchscreen placement is pleasing to the eye. The trim to carpet and headliner interface was exceptional. We found the bolstered seats to be of high quality. While the hip rails could've been a little softer, they proved to be effective while leaning into a freeway on-ramp at speed. We’ll get back to the handling characteristics of the Fit in a moment.

What do we like about the 2015 Fit?

We find great utility in this 5 door hatchback. Taking a moment to fold Honda’s “Magic” rear seat, it became evident that this semi-compact entry afforded the end user the utility of a much larger minivan. The deck space in the rear of the Fit with 52.7 cubic feet of usable cargo area is second to none in its class.

Enough already, how does the car run and Handle?


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I was waiting for the rest of this review. I read the earlier draft this morning.
3 part series Eric, Thanks.
I have spent some time in the previous generation Fit. I am 6 feet tall and I found the car to be very large inside. There is a feeling of having a lot of room around you in this Honda. I owned a '92 Civic SI, which was a hot car at the time. The Fit family make me remember that car. I think the new Fit has more power than my '92, which was the first Honda with VTEC in the US.
It was actually a blast to drive. As the owner of a twin turbo Volvo 80 S , I found the performance to be a uplifting. Approaching 40 mpg with a usable power band is effective engineering. I have to Hand it to Honda on this one. An amazing subcompact for today's fuel conciouse driver.
I'm just curious as to what kind of tire upgrade would you recommend at the dealership? Have yet to test drive one, but I'm after the 6 speed manual. Which upon investigating from many sites, appears to have a better sounding (quieter) engine.
Good day Eric. I believe that Honda offer's a "summer" tire upgrade. The summer tire has a softer compound and a less agressive tread than the all-weather. Take it for a ride, you may find the interior noise level to be very accepatble. ( It's a personal thing.) We have very noisy roads in Oregon due to a ice-free traction surface. May be a different story in your region. Thanks for dropping in.
Received my Fit yesterday. I love small cars, I LOVE this Fit. Much bigger than I expected. All kinds of buttons to push, screens to swipe, like driving in a video game. And the hyper miling potential with paddle shifters, ECO button and ECO Assist- my specialty honed by years of an 80 mile commute. It got 44 mpg back from the dealer and 46.1 on my drive today. All of this without a key! By the way- I'm 69 years old- not the usual demographic for my Milano Red EX with CVT. This is my first car without a manual transmission. One problem is that it's so much fun I could lose the 'green' advantage.
Fantastic Anna. Sounds like you grabbed my test car -:).. It is fun. Enjoy.. And thanks for the comment.
I'm 6'7" and own a 2000 Civic Hatch and 2005 Civic Coupe and have tons of room in both! The newer Civic's are very small on the inside and I cannot fit at all! I fit just fine in the FIT, but will only buy one when they have two door hatch as an option.