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2015 Honda Fit features performance beyond expectations

Taking the wheel of a 2015 Fit EX, the first thing Torque News encountered was a bit of mild confusion as to space and time continuum. How did Honda take a sub-compact and supersize it and how much time could we burn this afternoon playing with the Fit?

We finally caught up with the missing car transport at Kendall Honda of Eugene, Ore. Thanks to a phone call from our friend Paul Casey, we would drive the first 2015 Fit delivered to Track Town U.S.A.. Although initial delivery of the Fit was limited to 1 for most dealerships, Paul had 3 on the floor and a Red EX coming off of a transport as we pulled onto the lot.

Torque News would drive an Alabaster Silver on Black EX with 16 inch spoked rims and one touch moonroof. Honda design had absolutely nailed it as to exterior design and color combinations. This sub-compact bordered on stunning.

Sitting on a sales lot displaying several hundred Honda, Acura cars and light trucks, the not so small 2015 Fit looked right at home with its larger North American cousins. Visually, the Fit shares many exterior design cues with the 2014 Honda Civic Si. This becomes most evident in the grill and fog light cowling. We believe that HRD will have fun modifying the Fit in the near future.

We watched as a 20 something took delivery of his new pride and joy, a new Milano Red Si Coupe, he too took a look at the Fit as we headed for the exit gate.

6’5 driver loves interior dimensions and ergonomics.

As Paul handed over the keyless entry fob to the silver Fit we fully expected to be shoehorned into yet another sub-compact designed for the average hight North American driver; not so.

At 6’5 this driver found ample hip, leg and shoulder room in the driver’s seat. Much to our surprise, unlike the super sized Chrysler product we had driven to Kendall, the leg to dash interface was perfect in the Fit.

We don’t know how Honda did it, but as shared with us yesterday by Lauren, the interior dimensions of the 2015 Fit is surprising. As Honda stated on the release of the all new Fit, somehow engineering created more interior volume while reducing the exterior dimensions of the fit by 1.5 inches, bumper to bumper.

With key fob in hand, Paul pushed the start button. The all new “ Earth Dreams” 1.5 liter DOHC 16 valve 4 cylinder came to life.

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Thanks Jay, my publisher Patrick, would like to read the rest of the review. I'm on it.
I sure would like to read the rest of this review.
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