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Honda’s 'Designated Texter' video addresses teen cellphone obsession

Five Thousand teenage drivers will die from cellphone text related auto accidents in 2017 -- unless we take pro-active steps NOW, to stop them. Honda has an idea. Honda's "designated Texter" video kindly addresses teen cellphone obsession.

No joke, according to, more teen drivers now die from cellphone related deaths and injury than alcohol. As auto manufacturers enable ease of cell phone to car connectivity, Honda comes up with a campaign to curtail texting while driving.

Honda’s Designated Texter video addresses texting while driving
O.K., I’ll admit it! With every form of office bound computerized editorial tool and news feed shared to my personal smartphone, I’m guilty of looking to my cell phone screen from time to time while driving. In-fact, on one fine winter morning not too long ago, a fellow Eugenian, waiting at a stop light to the right of me, honked his horn and flipped me off -- I quickly disengaged from my constant cellular companion -- yes, I’m presently several decades past my teen driving years. Check out the #2 cause of auto accidents here.

Honda wants you to designate the shotgun position as your D.T.
Simply put, research and subsequent pull-over citation count, indicates that we as a society are addicted to cellphone driven behavior. And, that young drivers, more specifically entry-level teenage drivers, are more prone to texting while driving than paying attention to traffic conditions.

In the attached video, Honda playfully suggests enguaging your cabin partner as the “Designated Texter." Seems reasonable! For those looking for an enhanced hands-off cell phone connectivity, check out the reinvented 10th generation Civic Si.

Not busting your chops, just saying
Drive smart and live: In western Oregon, the first ticketed offense for driving while under the influence of cell phone, will cost you no less than $250.000. There’s a reason for that. Looking to the numbers, cell phone use related accidents are on the rise. It’s estimated that no fewer than 660,000 drivers per day(during daylight hours) engage in distracting cellphone related activities while driving. Here’s an idea, check out Honda’s Designated Texter video. There’s a message in it for all of us.

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