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This 2018 Accord Drive Review is Generated From the Back Seat

Honda’s Accord Touring is without question the maker’s most powerful Accord offering of all time. We’ve reported on the driving dynamics of Honda’s reinvented Accord extensively. Now, It's time to review 2018 Honda Accord from the back seat.

You’ve most likely noticed that few Auto Writers spend much, if any time, experiencing the second row legroom, ride dynamic, and overall comfort or discomfort experienced as a passenger. Granted, that can be a bit tricky when driving solo. I on the other hand, take full advantage of a ready and willing driving partner when conducting most car and light truck reviews.

After all, despite its coupe-inspired swooped roof and body design, 2018 Honda Accord in any trim level is fundamentally a 4-door family or group ready transportation pod. Thanks to Honda’s re-imagining Accord for 2018 and beyond, Honda’s bread and butter midsize sedan comes to market with an eye appealing sporting attitude. Yet, little is lost to sport in the world platform Accord, as to overall ride comfort, relative cabin quie, and segment leading fuel efficiency. 2018 Honda Accord remains a purchase and long-term ownership value. It’s a fine daily driver.

2018 Honda Accord's 2nd row comes with a limitation or two

Along with a lower, wider profile, comes a lower roof line. Although the coupe-like design results in superior Aerodynamics, passengers in row-2 will discover a bit less room between hat and headliner. It’s not awful. Actually, at 6 foot 5 inches tall, I can adjust my frame comfortably in row 2 -- this non compromised adjustment is contingent on a shorter driver sitting in front of me in the driver or front passenger seat. Place a tall guy in the driver’s seat, forget about it. Accord is not alone in this trend. Most of today’s midsize sedans are configured for passengers of shorter stature in row 2.

Accord’s view forward from row 2 is limited

Again, no big deal for the kids, or my 87 year old, 5 foot, 2 inch mother. Yet, for the rest of us, the view forward from row two due to a rather par row 1 and row 2 seat elevation, is very limited for the taller passenger. However, I will hand it to Honda for seat comfort in row 2 -- it actually smokes the over mechanized frame found in the shotgun position of row 1.

As shared with us by our loyal Torque News readers, Accord and Civic owners by and large (still) find Honda seats to be largely stiff, lumpy, and uncomfortable, just saying.. Not so in row of 2018 Honda Accord Touring.

For $36.690, consumers may expect a bit more “posh’ from 2018 Honda Accord Touring

‘I’m a life-time Honda fan, and always will be. Yet, when critiquing 2018 Honda Accord Touring from row 2, I’m just a bit disappointed with the overall fitment, and attention to detail exhibited to the rear passenger. It’s those little things that most consumers don’t initially notice when trudging through the search and buying process of a new car or light truck -- that haunt the car dealer and consumer during the life of the car.

By and large, 2018 Honda Accord is impressive. Yet frankly, our test car was lacking in attention to detail when it came to those small lingering annoyances that sour consumers on an otherwise fantastic car. Unfortunately, the plastic rich interior finish, and unevenly stretched seat-back vinyl calls out cheap! And that, 2018 Honda Accord is not. But then again, it’s one heck of a performance ride.

Just a thought Honda: What would it cost to cover seat track bolts with a trim piece? Just saying. Other than that, perfect! With that said, we’re moving up front.

Here’s my final gripe, and then I’ll let it go. For reasons known only to Honda design, 2018 Honda Accord Touring has less driver seat knee clearance to dashboard than Toyota Prius Prime, and that bugs me a bit. Now, Honda engineering will tell me that the driver is seated at an optimal distance for effective secondary airbag protection. Could be!

But seriously, my inseam is a mere 33 inches. And, with the driver’s seat set in the full back and down-to-the-floor position, my right knee is in contact with the center stack rail and dashboard.

For me, and other longtime Honda fans that love the brand, 2018 Honda Accord should be nothing short of perfect. It’s close, and with a little more attention paid to assembly detail at the factory, a final change in seat suppliers, and an adjustment of the driver’s seat track, it will be.. Just saying.

Likes: Honda Accord turbo engine power, overall ride comfort and bodyline.

Dislikes: Overuse of plastic trim, relatively low seating position, lack of attention to detail row-2.

Photo attributes American Honda Motor Company 2017.